An Executed IC Agreement Does Not Eliminate the Risk of Worker Misclassification

An Executed IC Agreement Does Not Eliminate the Risk of Worker Misclassification
January 28th, 2016

One of the most common misconceptions about worker classification is the belief that a written contract, signed by both parties, stating that the consultant is an independent contractor, absolves the client of any tax or civil liabilities. In this article we’ll explore why this just isn’t true.


Report Reveals Class Action Settlements Reached an All-Time High in 2015
January 26th, 2016

A recent report revealed the monetary value of employment-related class action settlements reached an all-time high last year. The top 10 settlements jumped to $2.48 billion in 2015. Also, Federal and state courts issued more favorable class certification rulings for the plaintiffs’ bar in employment related cases in 2015.


Amazon Prime Courier
Drivers in Arizona Sue for Misclassification and Wage Theft
January 21st, 2016

In the latest development of the ongoing worker misclassification saga in the emerging on-demand economy, a group of drivers for Amazon’s Prime Now service in Arizona have filed a lawsuit against the company.


Defining an Independent Business Providing Services to Your Company
January 19th, 2016

As independent contractor compliance and engagement specialists, we are frequently asked by enterprise clients to help them manage the risks surrounding professional services vendors who perform work on a SOW basis for the benefit of the client company. Part of the solution is to educate our clients on the definition of an independent business.


Millennials at Work
January 14th, 2016

We’ve now entered a new era of talent scarcity, a time when buyers of talent must focus on attracting and retaining the vital talent they need to execute their strategic plans and get work done. It is predicted that the number of Millennials in the workplace will outnumber the Boomers sometime this year.


Stepping Outside the Corporation
January 12th, 2016

In today’s article we’ll examine a common phenomenon in enterprise programs: the individual worker who “steps outside” their own corporation (or the one he/she works for) and instead performs work as a common law employee for another company.


The Cascading Perils of Independent Contractor Misclassification
January 7th, 2016

In the latter half of 2015 both the IRS and the Department of Labor (DOL) issued guidance emphasizing the importance of proper worker classification for businesses. As we return from the holiday break and dive into 2016 it is a good time to review the potential risks of worker misclassification and discuss effective risk mitigation strategies.


A Small Glimmer of Hope for Independent Contractor Status in Massachusetts
January 5th, 2016

Independent contractor misclassification claims have become an epidemic for companies across the United States. Massachusetts may have the most stringent standards for IC qualification, so it is significant news when a court decides in favor of a Massachusetts business making a proper independent contractor classification decision.


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