The Shortage of STEM Workers in the US

The Shortage of STEM Workers in the US
April 28th, 2016

A recent report examined current labor force trends and projected occupational growth rates in an attempt to shed light on the potential labor shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) occupations. If current trends continue, in 2024 the U.S. will be short 1.1 million STEM workers overall.


The Post-Project Worker Misclassification Blowup
April 26th, 2016

There are a number of common traps that can cause problems for companies who aren’t careful when engaging independent workers. Perhaps the most common is engaging a worker as an independent contractor when they and/or their project really didn’t support that status.


Proposed Uber Settlement Will Allow Drivers to be Independent Contractors, for Now
April 22nd, 2016

Last night San Francisco-based Uber announced it has settled a pair of major class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts that sought employee status and the rights that come with it for drivers. The proposed settlement will allow the company to keep its drivers independent contractors instead of employees.


Court Rejects $12 million Lyft Settlement – Claims Drivers Shortchanged
April 21st, 2016

Lyft, the on demand ride-sharing company will have to pay out more cash if the company wants to avoid going to trial over its drivers’ status as independent contractors. The company had reached a settlement agreement in February that allowed it keep its drivers classified as independent contractors.


H1B Visa Cap Reached Within First Week
April 19th, 2016

Adding more fuel to what has become a highly politicized issue in this election year, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced the cap for H-1B visas for highly skilled temporary foreign workers for the upcoming federal fiscal year was reached in less than a week.


State seal of Oregon
Oregon Joins the US Department of Labor in IC Misclassification Fight
April 14th, 2016

As of last week you can now add Oregon to the growing list of US states who have signed a memorandum of understanding with the US Department of Labor (DOL) to combat workers’ misclassification as independent contractors or other non-employee statuses.


New Demand from the On Demand Worker: A Collective Voice
April 11th, 2016

Where the demand exists, the organization is bound to follow. This could be part of the mantra that has successfully launched gig economy platforms Like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash. Many of these apps have grown strong on an Independent Contractor-rich diet. Despite the stated benefits, many on-demand workers are now demanding something more: a unified voice to bargain with the companies whose apps they serve.


We are TalentWave
April 7th, 2016

Last October we made an exciting move – bringing together two leading companies – ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services through a strategic merger to create the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry. A week ago we took another big step with the launch of our new TalentWave brand.


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