Building a talent community? First, determine your goals

Building a talent community? First, determine your goals
November 29th, 2016

TalentWave recently launched our Talent Community™ solution for curating and re-engaging known workers. In the past few weeks, we shared our Talent Community Manifesto, as well as the Guiding Principles behind a successful talent community. And this week, our team of experts will host an educational webinar in partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), called Building a […]


The New Workforce Reality: Too Much Available Labor, Not Enough Available Talent
November 15th, 2016

In yet another sign that we are living in unprecedented times of change in the knowledge worker labor market, a recent survey reveals that underemployment remains high, with nearly half of U.S. employers struggling to fill jobs even though unemployment continues to hover near historic lows, (currently it is around 5%). According to a recent […]


Continued Focus on Independent Contractor Misclassification
November 10th, 2016

Independent contractor misclassification is an everyday occurrence in companies of all sizes across all industries in the United States. As more organizations confront the issue of talent scarcity in the labor market, while also trying to preserve business flexibility, they increasingly turn to directly sourcing independent workers as a viable solution. While there are many […]


EEOC Enforcement Priorities Now Include Worker Misclassification
November 2nd, 2016

The EEOC recently announced its updated strategic enforcement plan for fiscal years 2017 through 2021. The updated plan contains the organization’s priorities and strategies for enforcing laws and regulations on equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination in the workplace. In making the announcement, the EEOC reaffirmed six priorities identified in its previous strategic plan, released […]


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