We are TalentWave

Enabling clients and independent workers to work together. Easily. Safely. Effectively.

Transforming the World of Independent Work

Change is the only constant. In today’s evolving workplace many talented, experienced, and hard-working professionals are choosing to join the independent workforce. This dynamic shift has become a powerful, unstoppable force that is rewriting the very definition of work, creating both risk and opportunity for talent buyers. This change is exciting, transformative, and beneficial for companies of all sizes and the independent workers they rely on to accomplish vital work.

We are TalentWave. We believe talent is the new “competitive advantage” and those who can find and deploy talent effectively will win. As independent contractor compliance and engagement experts, we empower our clients to leverage this new talent dynamic. We are not a staffing supplier, but we do live at the center of the independent workforce ecosystem: enabling clients to direct-source talent, engage them quickly and safely, with full process and cost oversight. TalentWave makes the complex seem easy, and we are constantly looking ahead to the future to ensure our clients are ready for it.

More than that, we are passionate about what we do. We believe in it. With our help, companies can engage the exceptionally talented independent workers they need, when and where they need them. Our clients gain flexibility and the results which drive their businesses forward. Independent workers get access to rewarding work, and gain freedom and control over their careers. Both parties benefit.

Enabling clients and independent workers to work together. Easily. Safely. Effectively.

We are TalentWave: Independent Workforce. Simplified.


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