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We’ve built a senior management team that is unparalleled in the industry…

Teresa CreechTeresa Creech
Lead WaveMaker (Chief Executive Officer), TalentWave

Teresa is the WaveMaker leading the evolution of the independent talent market! She has been making a splash in the talent industry for 22 years working in staffing, HCM technology, global MSP/VMS, and IC compliance. She is known as a pragmatic strategist and justly owns the title. “I am passionate about building the vision and plan for TalentWave, stretching market approaches, and embracing experimentation, but equally committed to making sure that the path is achievable and expectations are exceeded.”

What’s the next big thing for Teresa? She plans to lead TalentWave to enable the marriage of independent workers and client work needs in a way that drives greater access, accountability, compliance and flexibility. How is she going to do that? By opening new possibilities for talent engagement across multiple platforms through Enterprise MSP or VMS programs, Talent Cloud providers, RPO architecture, and direct sourcing teams.

Teresa is thrilled to work with the industry’s best team to identify creative ways to bring value to TalentWave clients, resources and partners.

Her happy place? Preparing and hosting large Sunday dinners with family and friends

What’s so funny? Her kids’ reactions to her awful jokes

Superpower: Balance

Kieran BradyKieran Brady
Chief Operations Officer

Kieran is the WaveMaker who ensures that all TalentWave customers get the sponsorship, service and support they need to ensure their independent workforce meets and beats program objectives. He does this by providing a positive working experience, starting with the kick-off of a program and continuing through every TalentWave touch point with customers and their independent workers.

What’s the next big thing for Kieran? As the independent workforce grows in all skill sets, Kieran will work with companies to create and execute an independent workforce strategy as the standard, rather than an add-on strategy, for expanding their labor pools.

One word to describe Kieran: Straightforward

When he’s not at work? He’s with his wife and four kids, walking or hiking, at the movies or sharing great food

Superpower: He’s got WOO (winning others over)

Jim HanrahanJim Hanrahan
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Jim is the WaveMaker responsible for navigating the most profitable growth path forward for TalentWave. Jim sees himself as part CFO and part chef, stirring together TalentWave’s many ingredients for workforce management, innovation and efficiency in order to find the best recipe for successful growth.

What’s the next big thing for Jim? He will continue to stir the pot of profitability while studying how companies adapt to realize corporate objectives in a business world that is coalescing around the rapidly expanding use of independent experts.

What’s on his bucket list? Small stuff like cycling across the U.S. and a return trip to New Zealand

Proudest accomplishment? His family!

One word to describe Jim: Relentless (see cycling reference above)

Jennifer SpicherJennifer Spicher
Executive Vice President, Sales

Jennifer is the WaveMaker responsible for “making it rain” by leading the salesforce with fierce focus and commitment. Known by her fellow WaveMakers as a warrior (a rainmaking warrior, if you will), Jennifer works tirelessly on behalf of her team to ensure its success and on behalf of clients to deliver talent solutions that will make their businesses better.

What’s the next big thing for Jennifer? Continuing to help businesses embrace the reality of the gig economy and to find smart ways to engage independent talent while always keeping the importance of human connection front and center.

Fun fact? Jennifer is an experienced horsewoman (this warrior rides!)

Proudest accomplishment? Her children, Brock and Brynn

Superpower: Fearlessness

Neal BhamreNeal Bhamre
Senior Vice President, Industry Solutions

Neal is the WaveMaker responsible for devising and delivering innovative contingent workforce solutions to meet the evolving needs of TalentWave clients. With two decades in the industry, Neal is an expert at adapting and advancing workforce technology, practices and systems to keep pace with industry change.

What’s the next big thing for Neal? A firm believer that workers will one day be fully in charge of every aspect of their own career destiny, Neal is exploring how the rapid evolution of this self-directed workforce will change the nature of recruitment employment. “I envision a time when workers will be presidents of their own personal employment brands and responsible for every aspect of work, from finding their next gig to securing their own benefits out in the open marketplace.”

Something most people do not know about Neal: He loves good jokes, especially ones that surprise or shock the audience

One week anywhere in the world? Marbella, Spain – his family’s homeland

Proudest accomplishment? His brilliant, 13-year old daughter

Catherine ChidyausikuCatherine Chidyausiku
Senior Vice President, Legal & Compliance

Catherine is the WaveMaker in charge of mitigating risk for TalentWave and its clients with her deft legal skills and workforce compliance expertise. Independent contractor engagement can be a complex endeavor but Catherine, with her 15 years of experience in this industry, makes it look easy.

What’s next for Catherine? She will focus on the employment market’s continued shift towards greater use of independent contractors, tracking how the expanding gig economy will make waves that independent workers and TalentWave clients need to be prepared for.

What’s on her bucket list? A trip to Switzerland for this fourth generation African

Points of pride? Successfully transitioning from working in property law under the Roman-Dutch legal system to working in US employment law

One word to describe Catherine: Calm

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