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The TalentWave blog is your resource for news and expert commentary on the IC regulatory and legislative environment, total talent management, IC compliance, and flexible workforce engagement solutions. We share our thought leadership and proven client best practices on how progressive organizations can safely and cost-effectively leverage the flexible workforce to get vital work done.

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Embracing Independent Talent

(Part 2 of a 2-part series on Recalibrating Risk in the Age of the Independent Worker) One third of the American workforce has declared its preference for independent work. In Part 1 of this 2-part series (which you can read here), we saw how this army of freelancers and small business consultants fills a critical […]


Why Independent Contractors Lack Protection Under Sexual Harassment Laws

A half-century-old policy doesn’t protect ICs – and didn’t see the rise of independent work coming Allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood execs, politicians, comedians and TV personalities have dominated the news. They’ve prompted a movement to expose sexual offenders beyond powerful public figures and uncover a culture of misconduct that crosses socioeconomic strata – […]


How the Rise of the Independent Worker Is Transforming the Workplace

(Part 1 of a 2-part series on Recalibrating Risk in the Age of the Independent Worker) When 53 million Americans—one-third of the workforce—have declared their independence from their employers, we can no longer deny the way we work is changing. Much of it is driven by shifting labor demographics—from Millennials avoiding the 9-to-5 life and Boomers who aren’t […]


Are We Inching Closer to a Definition of an Independent Contractor?

As a brief refresher, worker misclassification is generally “defined” as a worker who is paid on 1099/independent contractor basis (e.g., no taxes withheld) who is, in fact, subject to the same direction and control as a regular W-2 employee. The government takes notice of this misclassification because, among other things, employers are required by law […]


Lawson v. GrubHub guarantees shockwaves throughout gig economy

When you think of having food delivered — with delivery being the key word — from a local restaurant (other than a pizza place), what company name almost always comes to mind? For many consumers, the answer is GrubHub. “Not so fast!”, say the operators of GrubHub, who claim that the company doesn’t do food […]


TalentWave direct sourcing talent supply options
Talent Supply Options to Enable Your Direct Sourcing Strategy

TalentWave has been helping clients execute this strategy for over 20 years with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to safely and cost-effectively engage independent workers that our clients have found on their own, outside of any agency relationships. A vital component of developing a direct sourcing strategy is to consider the many different talent supply options.


TalentWave Direct Sourcing Strategy
How to Define and Implement a Direct Sourcing Strategy

Many leading organizations, across all geographies and industries, have recognized the benefits of direct sourcing as an effective method to attract and retain the vital talent they need to grow and innovate. As the world of work continues to evolve and talent scarcity becomes more acute, the successful deployment of this strategy will continue to grow in importance.


North Carolina Fights Worker Misclassification
North Carolina Enacts Worker Misclassification Legislation

Last week, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed legislation designed to help workers when employers intentionally misclassify them as independent contractors. Some companies do this in order to avoid paying taxes and other benefits to which workers would have been entitled to as employees.


Independent Contractors by Default?

Working in the world of independent contractor compliance, I often hear the phrase “Doesn’t that make him an independent contractor by default?” From MSP program managers to procurement directors and beyond, the desire for a “default” independent contractor status is pervasive.


TalentWave Enables Direct Sourcing
The Benefits of a Direct Sourcing Strategy for Talent Acquisition

The world of work is changing rapidly, and companies that depend on knowledge workers must continue to evolve and innovate how they attract and retain the vital workers they need to get work done. One strategy that is growing in importance is direct sourcing.


Department of Labor Withdraws Recent Independent Contractor Misclassification Guidance

The US Department of Labor issued a news release on June 7, 2017 announcing that it is withdrawing two recent administrative interpretations relating to misclassification of independent contractors and joint employment. These guidelines were widely interpreted as expanding the definition of an employee, thereby increasing the possibility of misclassification cases, and also expanding the concept of joint employment under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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