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The TalentWave blog is your resource for news and expert commentary on the IC regulatory and legislative environment, total talent management, IC compliance, and flexible workforce engagement solutions. We share our thought leadership and proven client best practices on how progressive organizations can safely and cost-effectively leverage the flexible workforce to get vital work done.

Workforce of the future
The Workforce of the Future: Should You Buy, Rent, or Build?

In today’s complicated workplace companies are challenged by the harsh reality of talent scarcity when trying to fill critical roles in order to execute their strategy. When looking for solutions many organizations are uncertain about the best talent strategy: Is it better to buy, rent, or build talent when riding the waves of talent supply and demand?


The New Workforce infographic
[Infographic] The New Workforce

In today’s uncertain economic conditions and tight labor market, companies are increasingly relying upon a broad mix of traditional and contingent workers to get vital work done. In this infographic, we take a look at the factors driving the growth of the independent workforce, as well as strategies for how organizations can strike the right […]


New World of Work
How HR Can Remain Relevant in the New World of Work

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are increasingly choosing to engage contingent labor. As this segment of the total workforce grows, and technology continues to remove friction from finding and engaging them, corporate Human Resources professionals have a vital role to play. Here are a few ways HR can remain relevant in this new world of work.


Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling Provides Insight on Independent Contractor Classification

Our legal team is constantly monitoring the legal landscape for new legislation and court rulings which impact the contingent workforce, including a recent case in Connecticut concerning independent contractor classification.


human resources
Is There Still a Need for “Human Resources” in the New World of Work?

The world of work is rapidly evolving. With dramatic demographic shifts taking place we are witnessing increasing levels of talent scarcity and a significant growth of the independent workforce. In addition, we have unprecedented levels of political and economic turbulence, contributing to a high level of business uncertainty. In this complex new human capital equation, […]


Gig economy graphic
Consulting Firm Sizes Up the Gig Economy: It is larger than you might think, and growing quickly

Many industry experts have estimated the size of the contingent workforce in the US, with some predicting it could approach 40% of the total workforce, or more, by 2020. Recently, no less an expert than the renowned consulting firm McKinsey & Co published a study that came to a simple conclusion: the number of people freelancing is much larger than you might think, and it is growing quickly.


Baby Boomers
How the Baby Boomers are Driving the Growth of the Independent Workforce

Driven by seismic shifts in the workforce and the workplace, the independent workforce continues to grow. One of the key drivers behind this trend is the Baby Boomer generation.


Three Significant Workplace Trends Impacting HR Professionals

With the rapid changes taking place in the workforce, and the ever-evolving workplace, the professional life of an HR leader is never dull. Following are some emerging trends, and their corresponding challenges, for HR leaders to consider over the next 12 months.


Board priorities
Embracing the Workforce of the Future is One of Top priorities for US boards in 2017

Ernst & Young’s Center for Board Matters recently released their recommended top priorities for boards of directors to consider in 2017, which included embracing the contingent workforce.


New York City Skyline Statue of Liberty
New York City’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act: Be Aware, Not Wary

New York City’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act leaves a lot open to interpretation, however, its goals are to establish and enhance protections for freelancers by creating and protecting their right to a written contract, timely payment, and freedom from retaliation should they choose to enforce their protections under the Act.


Some Thoughts on 2017 and the Evolving World of Work

As 2017 unfolds there is no question we are in the midst of a dramatic transformation of the workforce and the workplace. Driven by megatrends that are permanently altering the way work gets done, and by whom, there are a number of issues business leaders (particularly those in Human Resources, Procurement, and Finance who have […]


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