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We are TalentWave. We thrive at the center of the contingent workforce ecosystem, enabling our clients to find independent workers and engage them on projects quickly, safely, and effectively. Our vendor-neutral approach works seamlessly within all major MSP and VMS environments, making it possible for organizations to gain flexibility and grow their businesses through the talent, passion, and expertise of independent workers.

TalentWave’s proven solutions empower clients to effectively engage their independent workers.

Integrated Technology Platform

TalentWave’s solutions are delivered through the award-winning and proprietary iConnect® SaaS technology platform…learn more

Independent Contractor Qualification

The ICverify application enables TalentWave clients to quickly and effortlessly screen and validate workers for IC compliance…learn more

Independent Contractor Engagement…Simplified

TalentWave’s ICpay Agent-of-Record (AOR) solution helps increase your business efficiency while reducing the risks of engaging Independent Contractors…learn more

Professional Payrolling Services

This proven Employer-of-Record (EOR) solution features a multitude of support functions and services similar to a traditional employment structure…learn more

Re-engaging Your Proven Contractors

TalentWave’s TalentBridge™ solution makes it easy to identify and re-engage proven independent workers without incurring the cost of outside recruiters or agencies… learn more

Ensure Service Providers Meet Your Vendor Standards

Our Vendor Qualification solution helps clients engage and manage small service providers while increasing business efficiency and reducing risks…learn more

Gain Strategic Benefits Through Subcontracting

Engaging small or non-strategic service providers is easy through TalentWave’s Subcontracting Service, ensuring service providers and their workers meet pre-defined vendor standards…
learn more

Engage Independent Workers Globally

Through a combination of carefully screened partners and TalentWave solutions we offer Global Services to meet the growing international consultant engagement needs of our clients…learn more

Independent Workforce Expertise At Your Service

TalentWave’s Advisory Services practice offers expert guidance and best practices in the areas of independent workforce risk assessment, workforce design and optimization, technology evaluation, and managed services…learn more

Delivering Programs That Work

TalentWave’s proven Envision | Embark | Experience methodology ensures rapid program implementation and drives exceptional levels of satisfaction for all stakeholders…learn more

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