Advisory Services

Designed to help clients safely and effectively engage independent workers…

Trusted Advisors to Independent Workforce Program Sponsors

TalentWave’s Advisory Services practice is comprised of professionals who are subject matter experts in all aspects of engaging the independent workforce. They offer value-based insights and customized strategic guidance to clients based on our expertise gained from engaging tens of thousands of contractors across hundreds of enterprise client organizations over the last two decades.

Our objective is to deliver actionable advice and best practices, ensuring your independent workforce is compliant, risk mitigated and cost effective. Services include:

Health Check
The TalentWave Health Check is an easy way to gauge your independent workforce compliance. It is a quick one to two week project which relies on limited data collection and a brief questionnaire filled out by the client sponsor to provide a basic appraisal of IC risk and opportunity. It concludes with a client-specific report and recommendations for mitigaging risk.

Risk Assessment
The TalentWave Risk Assessment is a deeper investigation into the details of your independent workforce. This multi-week consulting engagement includes client stakeholder interviews and extensive data gathering/analysis to evaluate independent contractor use for risk exposure and cost savings opportunities. It concludes with a detailed report and client-specific recommendations.

There's Much More

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