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Manage independent contractor misclassification risk with complete confidence…

ICverify™ – Independent Contractor (IC) Compliance Validation

Accurate worker classification is at the core of every successful contingent workforce program. With the rapid growth of the independent workforce, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in scrutiny by federal, state, and local government agencies to ensure workers are appropriately classified, taxes are collected, and workers’ rights are protected. This presents a huge risk for the enterprise.

TalentWave provides a comprehensive IC compliance solution to validate proper classification of independent workers and ensure compliance throughout their engagement. The ICverify module within the iConnect® platform is an enterprise-level independent contractor management system that automates, screens, tracks and reports on the end-to-end process for engaging independent contractors.

Fast, Accurate Worker Classification & Audit Support
No worker classification solution is faster or more accurate than TalentWave’s powerful ICverify compliance application. In seconds, ICverify evaluates every detail tax authorities scrutinize in an audit, including the project parameters, the contractor’s business structure, and the working relationship.

TalentWave’s proprietary factor-weighted scoring issues a recommendation that’s in full compliance with federal and state employer regulations.

Workers who qualify as an independent contractor can be engaged by our full-service IC Engagement – Agent of Record (AOR) solution, those who don’t qualify are engaged via our Professional Payrolling – Employer of Record (EOR) solution.

100% Audit Defense Rate
TalentWave earned national recognition and industry awards in 1997 when we introduced ICverify, the first automated worker classification solution. After more than 60,000 worker classifications without an audit-agency rejection, we can safely say it has been a success. Today, as an integrated module within the iConnect solution suite, ICverify continues to be the only automated IC classification solution in the industry, providing cost advantages and efficiencies our competitors can’t match and our clients can’t live without!

Scalability and Seamless VMS Integration 
ICverify reliably issues accurate IC recommendations in seconds—whether 2 or 1,000 evaluations are submitted simultaneously, and whether those come from one or many different clients. It can also seamlessly integrate into a client’s existing VMS requisition workflow.

Certified by Legal and Accounting Experts
ICverify’s automated worker-classification capability has been developed in collaboration with leading labor and employment law attorneys.  In addition, auditors from a Big Four accounting firm have reviewed the system’s classification determinations and certified their accuracy.

A Full-Service Compliance Solution
After a recommendation is issued, our professional Compliance Specialists review each file and are involved as needed. In the event of a non-compliant result, a Compliance Manager is immediately available to the client to explain the recommendation and explore compliant alternatives which would enable immediate engagement. This speed, flexibility, and service is a key differentiator for TalentWave.

Engagement Redesign
Our competitors profit by rejecting 1099 applicants —their business models are based on providing payroll or employer-like services for non-qualifying workers. Not surprisingly, these solutions result in fewer workers qualifying as independent contractors, and for the businesses served it results in increased costs and less access to top talent.

TalentWave is different. While we provide Professional Payrolling (EOR) services when necessary, our unique business model is designed to minimize that need by producing the highest percentage of independent contractor classifications. Rather than rush to a more-expensive employed solution for non-qualifying workers, our compliance experts work with clients to redesign engagements to resolve issues that prevent independent contractor qualifications. The results support our strategy: we lead the industry with an IC pass rate of 70%, and no TalentWave determination has ever been overturned by a government agency audit.

Audit Support
TalentWave provides all the support you need to defend any audit. Performing over 60,000 classifications with 100% audit success is impressive, but it’s even more so when you consider that we deliver the highest IC pass rates in the industry. How do we do it? The reason is no secret: ICverify’s accuracy is unsurpassed, and the system produces a complete file that documents the accuracy of each classification. The audit defense file for any contractor can be produced and delivered within 24 business hours of your request, and TalentWave’s compliance experts are available to advise you on strong defense strategies.


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