Program Support

Each of our programs is supported by dedicated service delivery managers, account management, and a team of specialists and coordinators. . .

Our World-class Program Support Model

TalentWave provides a comprehensive support model across all service lines to ensure an extraordinary client and contractor experience. Each client is assigned a full team consisting of a dedicated Program Specialist, a dedicated Compliance Specialist, a Payroll Specialist, a Service Delivery Manager, a Program Director, and a VP of Client Solutions. The Program Specialist will serve as your single point of contact for all day to day account operations including new contractor engagements, assignment starts, on boarding requirements/documentation, issue resolution, assignment changes/extensions, assignment ends, and terminations.

The Service Delivery Team is cross-trained to provide consistent support regardless of volume fluctuations. Every client is provided a dedicated phone line and email address to ensure optimal support and ease of use. Additional Support features include:

    • 24 hour service through our Customer Service phone number as well as an online support email address
    • Weekly Operational status meetings

Quarterly Business Reviews to review program performance, key spend and assignment metrics, IC & Vendor Compliance, Program optimization and strategic initiatives

With TalentWave’s Program Support, your organization receives elite expertise applied through best-practices methodologies for solution design, supply chain management, reporting and analytics, and compliance management.

On-Site Management
TalentWave can offer dedicated on-site management for organizations with high-volume independent workforce activity and elevated service requirements. Our on-site specialists work with your organization to develop a customized outsourced solution based on enterprise-wide contingent workforce utilization, costs, management processes, and future expectations.

Program Implementation & Support
When TalentWave implements a new program our consultative approach and industry-best practices create a solution designed specifically for your organization. Our professional services team executes a rigorous process spanning from discovery to deployment according to a proven methodology applied through transparent project plans. A program specifically suited to your environment will be up and running quickly, delivering the results you demand.

infographic_Implementation_IMAGETalentWave’s proven implementation methodology delivers lasting results

Increased Adoption
Resistance to implementing an IC management program is frequently the main culprit behind low levels of adoption and even program failure. TalentWave has helped hundreds of organizations successfully strike the balance between acquiring talent and protecting the company from unwanted liabilities through an ongoing education and training program.

TalentWave tackles the challenge of a compliance program resistance head-on; unlike many solution providers TalentWave stands as an IC advocate. Our compliance managers work directly with engagement managers to structure independent relationships when our ICverify system has made an employee recommendation. This approach accomplishes three goals: (1) it positions us as an advisor rather than an enforcer, (2) it provides a real grassroots training program where managers learn to structure projects to avoid worker-classification pitfalls, and (3) it demonstrates to the contractor that we are their advocate. Nothing protects your organization more effectively than having a workforce that understands worker classification and having a program that keeps Contractors happy.

TalentWave’s Objective is Simple: Delight Our Clients
Every day we strive to create an extraordinary experience for both our client program sponsors and the consultants we engage on their behalf. TalentWave is made of exceptional people, and it is our people that make the difference you will see. Our team of well-trained professionals excels in all aspects of managing and engaging the flexible workforce.  Certifications include SPHR, CCWP, CPP and Six Sigma quality principles.


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