Sub-Vendor Engagement

Engage and manage service providers while increasing business efficiency and reducing risks. . .

Engage small suppliers safely through SVverify

TalentWave offers SVverify to strategically engage smaller service providers on behalf of a client. With this solution, we subcontract with referred third-party vendors whom the client does not wish to contract directly.

The client benefits from cost and efficiency savings in contract administration while maintaining consistency in how it manages its vendors, and streamlined processes for on-boarding and engaging a large contractor workforce.

Engaging small service providers on a subcontractor basis is easy through TalentWave’s SVverify. Clients choose this solution for a variety of reasons:

  • To engage non-preferred small service providers
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Improved procurement category management, enhanced workload capacity
  • Contract administration cost and efficiency savings
  • Preservation of preferred supplier tiering
  • Ensure program compliance
  • Vendor management and process consistency
  • Assurance that service provider meets predefined vendor standards, including business license, insurance, and tax reporting
  • Verification that all vendor workers performing services for client are classified and contracted properly throughout their engagement

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