Dramatically improve “time to productivity” by re-engaging your proven independent workers. . .

Talent Community Re-engagement Solution

At TalentWave we believe your best consultant is a known consultant. It is very common to see the best independent workers simply walk away at the conclusion of a project…taking with them their hard-earned institutional knowledge, working relationships, and experience with your organization.

Imagine if there were a central repository to keep a record of all these known resources, their skills, the knowledge they have, and their track-record with your organization. Now imagine that this talent pool is readily accessible, within your existing requisition process, so that any time one of your managers needs help they could search there first, before going out to third-party agencies, consultancies or recruiters. Furthermore, what if there was an efficient way to stay in touch with these workers and establish if they are in fact available to work on the next project, and once you matched them with your need they were ready to deploy instantly versus the traditional weeks it takes to find and onboard an agency temp.

This solution exists today. We call it TalentBridge™.

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A SaaS Solution for Curating and Re-engaging Talent
TalentBridge is a cloud-based application which makes it easy to curate and re-engage the flexible workers your organization already knows and have successfully engaged in the past.

With your own dedicated talent community, you can quickly search for qualified talent including contractors, consultants, SOW vendors, alumni, retirees and even “silver medalists” (your 2nd place finishers for FTE roles), select the best “known” resource for your project, and then quickly deploy them on the project.

Bottom-Line Benefits
TalentWave delivers a true competitive advantage by enabling a significant portion of your flexible workforce to be internally sourced rather than agency sourced. The results will transform your business. With TalentBridge, your project sponsors and talent acquisition teams will realize significant benefits:

  • Higher quality placements
  • Reduced time to fill
  • Shorter time to contractor productivity
  • Significant cost savings over agency recruited workers
  • Compliance and engagement process efficiency
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Reporting and analytics

Talent Re-engagement Program
The best consultant is a known consultant. That’s the guiding philosophy behind building a re-engagement program that is powered by TalentWave’s TalentBridge solution. This turnkey program encompasses all of the people, processes and technology required to manage your talent pool of flexible workers.

Integrated with TalentWave’s proprietary iConnect® technology platform, TalentBridge matches known workers to new job requisitions via the four primary stages in the consultant re-engagement life-cycle:

  1. Target. Proactive consultant sourcing using TalentBridge as a high-quality, low-cost, first-point-of-reference consultant sourcing tool.
  2. Test. Determining the status of the worker and engagement implications based on the qualifications of the worker and the type of work being performed.
  3. Manage. Making certain the worker is managed according to the proper work status and/or employment laws as required.
  4. Re-engage. Bringing back qualified consultants for future assignments.


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