Enrollment Process

TalentWave validates your IC classification and helps you maintain an independent relationship with your clients. . .

Qualifying as an Independent Contractor

The speed of business is increasing, becoming more project based and requiring companies to be more flexible than ever before. Organizations need a way to quickly engage with people that have experience and skills beyond their current internal talent. Independent Contractors are uniquely qualified to meet this need.

The TalentWave independent contractor validation process is designed to quickly obtain the information necessary to determine the independent nature of the engagement according to federal and applicable state laws.

At the highest level, our process can be described this way: Test the Work – Test the Worker.

Testing the work involves working with the client to ensure TalentWave has a clear understanding of the work to be completed and why the client needs an outside, independent entity to complete the work. This includes a review of the Statement of Work for the project, as well as surveying the engagement manager regarding aspects of the engagement known to the client.

Testing the worker involves working with you to gain a clear understanding of the activities you have taken to establish your independent business. At a high level, the basic process involves the following:

  • To get started, a TalentWave Program Specialist calls to introduce themselves to you. They will be your main point of contact during your enrollment and project engagement, and will begin by giving you an overview of the process and answering any questions you may have.
  • You will then be sent an enrollment email which contains:
    • A link to our online system designed to learn more about how you have established yourself as a business
    • Request to complete any client-specific required paper work
    • A list of documents we need copies of to support your independent status
  • Once we receive the necessary information, TalentWave may contact you to ask any clarifying questions and discuss your unique scenario
  • You will be notified of our determination and next steps to take
  • Even if your business case does not support independent contractor status, don’t worry because we have other engagement options that will still enable you to complete your project

TalentWave’s contractor survey is a series of questions designed to get a better understanding of the following (not an inclusive list):

  • How your business is set up (Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation)
  • Past and/or current clients (other than this client)
  • Relationship with the client
  • Specialty of your services

Support documentation of your independent status is important, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Current business set up: Secretary of State filing, DBA filing
  • Previous 1099s from other clients: Amounts and names can be blacked out
  • Current or previous invoices to other clients: Amounts and names can be blacked out
  • Current or previous SOWs or Contracts: Amounts and names can be blacked out
  • Business insurance: Copies of current Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Proper worker classification is vitally important for you and your clients. TalentWave helps support your classification and helps you maintain an independent relationship with your clients.

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