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TalentWave provides services and support that help you quickly start your project while minimizing the hassles of contracting. . .

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TalentWave provides enterprise clients with effective solutions for engaging self-sourced workers that are found outside of staffing agencies or other vendors. Independent professionals sometimes don’t like working through a third party, but most understand that flexible workers create huge worker misclassification and co-employment risks which their clients have to mitigate. Direct contracts are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and most enterprise managed programs no longer allow them. The fact is, TalentWave’s programs are often the only way to engage with a client company as a non-employee.

Working with TalentWave means you have a dedicated Program Specialist tol answer all your questions and gather the required information and documentation needed to set up your account. Once you start your project, they remain available to support you with quick answers and any issue resolution.
Working through TalentWave means you gain access to a comprehensive benefits package designed specifically for flexible workers with a variety of health, wellness, and retirement options to choose from. TalentWave provides infrastructure to invoice time, expenses, and deliverables, making sure your payments are timely and accurate.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a consultant, an independent contractor, or even a “solopreneur,” rest assured that TalentWave is focused on getting you to work for your client as quickly as possible, and to support you every step of the way to make your project experience a success.

TalentWave wants to answer any questions you may have. Simply call 877-767-8689 or email:

Our Contractor Care Program
TalentWave’s Contractor Care Program is designed to ensure each independent worker receives extraordinary service throughout their assignment and ongoing relationship with us, including:

  • Personalized service – The Contractor experience is critical to retaining high-quality resources during their assignment. To ensure we are meeting both contractor and client needs, TalentWave assigns a single point of contact Program Specialist to provide the personalized support required.
  • Follow Up – To ensure we are providing the best level of support, once a contractor is on assignment, we follow up by phone and/or email on day one, the end of their first week, after their first paycheck, and monthly ensure everything is ok, ask if there are any issues/questions, and get feedback on their assignment and the service we are providing them. This enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is important to the contractor and how things are going with their assignment.
  • Survey – TalentWave conducts contractor surveys quarterly to get feedback on their experience with us, highlighting the things that went well and areas for improvement they may have experienced along the way. We are continually looking to improve the service we offer and are eager to receive suggestions.
  • iConnect – Contractors can access and manage their employment information online through a secure web portal including downloading all completed documents and forms, view/update profile information, view paycheck and expense history data, review individual pay stubs, and access to their W-2.
  • The Talent Community – TalentWave offers a unique program for contractors who are eligible for rehire with the client, to be redeployed should the client need their services for a future work assignment. This not only provides the contractor with additional work opportunities with the client, but also provides the client with a pre-qualified, non-employee contractor, known to the client who can hit the ground running on a project or assignment.
  • Training – TalentWave will provide comprehensive training and education to client managers, contractors, and vendors to set expectations for payment, processing new engagements, operational process, and any specific training requested by the client (i.e.: client policies, ethics, etc.)

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