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With the independent workforce being increasingly utilized by today’s employers, human resource departments must adapt their operations to better accommodate this influx of contract, freelance, independent and temporary workers.

TalentWave’s cloud-based HR solution provides companies with a means to meet these challenges head on.

iConnect® is our cloud-based platform for providing support, service and management for a range of HR responsibilities. Within the iConnect® foundation is a mix of solutions that includes:

  • ICverify. Use this fully automated solution to properly classify a worker in just seconds and avoid the risks associated with worker misidentification.
  • ICpay. Easily manage invoices, payments, 1099s and other reporting requirements with one interface.

  • Professional Payroll. Administer payroll and benefits for self-sourced or contract workers that don’t qualify as independent contractors.

  • Talent Community. Build and maintain a network of proven independent workers for quick and easy re-engagement.

The Benefits of TalentWave HR Solutions

The benefits to using iConnect® are highly tangible.

  • iConnect® is 100% cloud-based, meaning there’s nothing to install or maintain and it can be utilized by HR professionals at any time, from any location.
  • The abundant API allows HR workers to seamlessly integrate iConnect® with other leading vendor management systems. 
  • Full transparency into your spending is achieved by advanced reporting metrics on a user-friendly dashboard. 
  • Most of all, iConnect® utilizes detailed security policies and procedures to keep all HR information behind locked doors.

Managing human resources requires an exceptional level of detail orientation, accountability and organization. Factor in a population of independent workers who are constantly being hired and re-hired and are rarely or never seen, and the responsibilities of an HR professional are magnified to a level never before seen.

Learn more about the cloud-based iConnect® HR solution or contact us and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours to help you discover how we take HR to the cloud and back.



Department of Labor: https://www.dol.gov/whd/workers/misclassification/

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