Contractor Management Solutions

For companies that hire independent contractors to perform services, managing those independent contractors becomes a part of the daily workflow. But if your company isn’t effectively managing your independent contractors, you could be wasting time and resources. TalentWave offers a suite of independent contractor management solutions that make evaluating and managing independent contractors easy.

iConnect®: Better IC Management

iConnect® from TalentWave is an enterprise service delivery platform that helps companies streamline management of independent contractors as well as payrolled workers. iConnect® provides you with total visibility into your independent contractor network and includes: 

  • ICverify – This fully automated solution classifies contractors within seconds, helping you avoid tax complications
  • ICpay – This solution is for IC Engagement/Agent of Record (AOR) and helps companies manage invoices and payment administration as well as 1099 and other state tax reporting requirements.
  • Professional Payroll – This solution is for Employer of Record (EOR) and helps companies manage workers who don’t qualify as independent contractors.
  • Talent Community – This solution helps companies keep in touch with independent contractors they’ve used in the past so they can quickly reach out and re-hire workers for projects.

iConnect® is a 100% cloud-based SaaS solution, is simple to set up and use, and totally secure. Because it’s cloud-based, there is no software to install and no manual maintenance to perform. Plus, it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. iConnect® also integrates with leading vendor management systems, meaning you won’t have to change your current system just to use it.

Get Started with TalentWave

With TalentWave, you can change the way your company manages independent contractors for the better. Choose iConnect® as your independent contractor management solution and enjoy:

  • Classification and Compliance
  • Workforce Administration
  • Payroll Services
  • Talent Identification and Re-engagement

We'd love to talk with you more about all the ways iConnect® can help you. Simply contact us to get started.

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