Independent Contractor Management Services

Effective independent contractor management is vital when it comes to ensuring your business is running smoothly and avoiding tax and legal issues. With the iConnect® platform from TalentWave, independent contractor management is easy. From verification to payroll management, iConnect® includes all of the independent management solutions you need to streamline your workflow. 

iConnect® Platform Features | IC Management Services

iConnect® is a 100% cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies with independent contractor management. iConnect® IC management services include: 

Classification and Compliance - ICverify
Worker misclassification can result in big fines and big problems. ICverify is an automated solution that enables you to classify workers quickly and prevent tax audits. And we provide you with the support you need to defend any audit. In fact, we have a 100% audit defense rate! 

Workforce Administration - ICpay

ICpay is an extension of our ICverify that contacts qualified ICs for you. With ICpay, you won't have to worry about handling invoices or payments or issuing 1099s to your independent workers. ICpay streamlines your workflow while helping you reduce your risk of being audited. 

Payroll Services - Professional Payrolling

TalentWave's professional payrolling service handles every aspect of independent contractor payroll management for you, from onboarding to ongoing management to re-engagement. Along with reducing audit risk, Professional Payrolling also reduces co-employment risk by paying workers fairly and offering a generous benefits package.

Talent Identification and Re-Engagement -Talent Community™

Talent Community™ helps businesses reconnect with previous independent contractors who have successfully provided them with services in the past. This makes it easy to engage independent workers quickly and easily and complete projects on time. 

iConnect® Reporting

iConnect® reporting gives you valuable insight into your independent contractor network. Here are just a few of the ways you can use the iConnect® reporting feature:

  • Recieve reports by function/user role, including hiring manager, contractor, executive and more
  • Customize additional reports for each client/role
  • Use information from iConnect® to feed your VMS reports
  • Receive repots on spend by client/role, PO information, onboarding statistics and more

Independent contractor management doesn't have to be complicated. Contact TalentWave today to learn more about how our independent contractor management services can help you streamline your workflow and avoid tax audits. 




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