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TalentWave helps Purchasing Professionals make the right contingent workforce decisions while minimizing the risk…learn more

Human Resources

The independent workforce is expected to approach 50% of the total workforce within the next ten years. Are you ready? learn more

Legal Counsel

Protecting your organization from contingent workforce risks is no small task. TalentWave is here to help you…learn more

Finance (CFO)

Have you considered the financial impacts of independent workers on your company? learn more

Project Sponsor

No one understands the value of independent workers better than a Project Sponsor or Functional leader…learn more

Technology (CTO/CIO)

Independent workers help you get vital work done, but they can also create significant risks for your company…learn more

Operations (COO/CEO)

Is the independent workforce a strategic enabler or an operational drag on your organization? learn more


With TalentWave you gain more than just a partner, we become your “Trusted Advisor” for managing the independent workforce…learn more

Independent Worker

With TalentWave by your side you can focus on delivering exceptional project results, we handle all the business details…learn more

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