Human Resources

Independent workers are expected to approach 50% of the total workforce within the next ten years. Are you ready?

Attract and Retain the Right Talent, Engaged in the Right Way

Independent workers are an essential part of your total talent management strategy. What is the best way to find and engage them while mitigating the risks associated with your non-employee talent?

Ranging from freelancers and consultants to independent contractors, the flexible workforce is rapidly growing and expected to encompass half of the total workforce within 10 years. Human Resources and Talent Acquisition groups are given the essential tasks of attracting, managing, and retaining vital talent to complement the traditional workforce.

Strategic Issues for Human Resources

Human Resources professionals know talent is the most important asset any organization can have. The flexible workforce raises a number of strategic issues such as:

  • Designing and implementing a total talent management strategy to plan/control/manage the entire company workforce, including the contingent “flexible workforce” component
  • Recruiting and retaining the “right” talent across the enterprise to help managers efficiently acquire the talent they need, when they need it
  • Streamlined processes and controls for onboarding, managing, offboarding flexible workers
  • Risk management and compliance in your contingent labor program, particularly as it relates to the use of independent contractors and SOW workers
  • Flexible worker performance management and issue resolution
  • Knowledge management/transfer
  • How to reduce your reliance on staffing or staff augmentation firms for talent by creating your own talent communities

Value Proposition for HR Stakeholders

Partnering with TalentWave means you receive a customized solution designed to solve these challenges and deliver bottom-line results. Our Human Resources and talent sponsors realize the following invaluable benefits:

  • Dramatically enhanced control and visibility of their flexible workforce
  • Comprehensive reporting, with enhanced data and analytics that help elevate HR’s strategic stature in the organization
  • Efficient and consistent onboarding of flexible workers that ensures compliance
  • Worker misclassification and co-employment risk mitigation
  • Ongoing management support from a dedicated team of TalentWave Program Specialists results in a significant reduction in internal escalations from project sponsors and ICs
  • Improved ability to attract and retain flexible workers due to the tangible benefits TalentWave delivers and the “white glove” treatment of employees and consultants
  • Greater accuracy and process efficiency for time/deliverable entry and billing
  • Less reliance on staffing or staff augmentation firms by enabling you to create your own talent communities

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