Independent Worker

With TalentWave by your side you can focus on delivering exceptional project results, we handle all the business details. . .

TalentWave is Your Passport to Independence

Free agents are leading the charge into the new world of work. As an independent worker, you know establishing a legal working relationship with an enterprise client can be complicated and keep you from doing the work you love. TalentWave offers a better way.

Our enterprise clients rely on freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors, all of which make up what is now being called the “independent workforce.” Worker misclassification and co-employment risks introduced by these non-agency resources remain a serious problem that these organizations must deal with. This is why they retain TalentWave to help structure and manage the working relationship.

Strategic Issues for Independent Professionals

Free agents face a number of strategic issues when onboarding with a new client, such as:

  • Defining and finalizing the SOW for the project they will be working on
  • Getting a contract in place that protects them and also defines all the legal and financial aspects of the working relationship with the client
  • Ensuring their ability to start working on the project as quickly as possible
  • Establishing an easy process for invoicing time, expenses, and milestones
  • Gaining access to health and wellness benefits (medical, vision, dental, life, retirement)
  • Accurate and predictable payments for services rendered
  • Safeguarding their ability to operate independently, while providing clients with the peace that comes from knowing a free agent is not creating extra risk for them

Value Proposition for Contractors

TalentWave provides IC compliance and engagement solutions to a large number of enterprise clients. No matter which TalentWave engagement solution you work under (Employer-of-record/payroll, Agency-of-record/IC, qualified vendor) our singular focus is on your success. Many of the contractors we engage on behalf of our clients share that they most appreciate the following benefits:

  • TalentWave is easy to use. Many project resources call us their contract employer of choice.
  • TalentWave provides a quick and transparent onboarding process
  • TalentWave takes a consultative approach to independent contractor qualification
  • TalentWave offers help with SOW finalization and the contracting process
  • TalentWave offers access to a professional-grade and cost-effective benefits package
  • TalentWave promises accurate payments, and clarity around the payment terms and calendar for each client program
  • TalentWave offers dedicated account management resources that answer questions quickly, provide help with issue resolution and advocacy with the client/project sponsor
  • TalentWave offers access to new consulting opportunities
  • TalentWave maintains a dual focus on client satisfaction (both the enterprise client and also the consultant performing the services)

There's Much More

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