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Protecting your organization from contingent workforce risks is no small task. TalentWave is here to help you…


Minimizing Your Flexible Workforce Risks

You’re entrusted with protecting the organization from legal challenges. Using the independent workforce can create enormous worker misclassification and co-employment risks. Should you be worried?

The rapid growth of the flexible workforce has resulted in a dramatic increase in legislation and regulatory scrutiny intended to ensure workers are classified properly and to enforce employee protections. This has created an extremely dangerous business environment for corporate “buyers” of contingent labor. Worker classification audits by federal and state agencies, and class-action lawsuits by aggressive and emboldened plaintiff’s attorneys have increased significantly.

Strategic Issues for Legal Professionals

Legal professionals know that business risks can’t be eliminated, therefore they seek to manage or mitigate them. In most organizations the flexible workforce cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed to reduce exposure associated with a number of strategic issues, such as:

  • Ensuring proper worker classification (and risk mitigation for worker misclassification) for every non-employee worker performing services for the organization
  • Co-employment risk mitigation
  • Visibility, and standardized contracts, for all consultants
  • IP protection, particularly as it relates to external consultants and vendors performing project work
  • Facilities and systems access

Value Proposition for General Counsel and Legal Sponsors

Partnering with TalentWave means we design a solution specifically for your organization to solve these legal challenges and deliver bottom-line results. Our general counsel and legal sponsors tell us they enjoy the following invaluable benefits:

  • Risk mitigation and indemnification for worker misclassification
  • TalentWave’s consultant management experts individually review each project and use our ICverify application to perform IC qualification for each worker to build a defense file and ensure audit readiness at all times
  • A standardized enrollment and onboarding process ensures standard company contracts are in place for all contractors (both ICs and agencies) along with uniform application of flow-down provisions that protect the company (IP, insurance, etc.)
  • Discovery and documentation of the total flexible workforce population within the organization
  • Huge time savings from no longer having to handle individual IC contracts, freeing up expensive legal staff to focus on more strategic projects
  • Many legal departments don’t have the in-house employment law resources required to stay on top of the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of IC compliance, with TalentWave’s Advisory Services practice they don’t need to!

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