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Is the independent workforce a strategic enabler or an operational drag on your organization?

Make the Independent Workforce your Strategic Weapon

All roads lead to the decision maker. Because the smooth operation and profitability of the business is your focus, you are confronted with a stark question: is the independent workforce a strategic enabler for the organization or an operational drag?

The trend lines indicate that freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors will make up half the total workforce within the next decade. Organizations that do not use flexible workers now will be using them soon. The independent workforce offers great strategic capability and operational flexibility, but it must be engaged and managed properly or the organization will take on great risk.

Strategic Issues of Business Leaders

Human resources and procurement create an effective workforce strategy; Legal Counsel mitigates risk. Responsibility for the organization’s performance lies with the top executive. The flexible workforce raises a number of strategic issues for decision makers, such as:

  • Effectively managing and controlling human capital costs, while also making sure that a lack of talent isn’t causing production/process bottlenecks, or delivery issues
  • Ensuring the right organizational structure, optimized for maximum productivity and scalability
  • Attracting and retaining the right people and skill sets in the right roles to help your managers effectively run the business and execute your strategic plan
  • Designing and implementing a total talent management strategy that includes risk mitigation for flexible workers and flexibility to bring in the talent you need on-demand

Value Proposition for Business Leaders

Partnering with TalentWave means we design a solution that solves these operational challenges to deliver bottom-line results for your organization. CEOs and COOs consistently praise the following benefits:

  • TalentWave embeds an enterprise-wide program that leverages a consistent end-to-end process for engaging flexible workers
  • Full visibility and analytics for all flexible workers in the program
  • TalentWave’s service is easy to use. Managers simply refer a project resource and the SOW to us, we take care of the rest.
  • Simple time/expense/milestone entry and approval
  • Simplifying the hassles of contracting and invoicing a large number of small “vendors”
  • Rapid onboarding and easy offboarding of pre-identified, non-agency resources
  • Dedicated TalentWave point of contact, and high-touch service that answers any manager or consultant questions, and quickly resolves any issues
  • TalentWave helps reduce your reliance on staffing or staff augmentation firms by enabling you to create your own talent communities
  • More organizational capacity to focus on strategic projects due to outsourcing of IC administration

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