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Independent workers help you get vital work done, but they can also create significant risks for your company…

Leveraging Your IT Resources

As the driver of your organization’s IT strategy, you probably rely on a combination of traditional and flexible workers to get it all done. But what about the risks these complex labor arrangements pose to your company?

IT leaders know it is increasingly difficult to find and retain mission-critical technical talent. The scarcity of real expertise and experience, combined with the changing demographics of the workforce, means that highly skilled workers in the IT labor market increasingly want to work on a project or interim basis as freelancers, independent contractors, or consultants.

Strategic Issues for Technology Leaders

IT organizations are significant “buyers” of independent workers. Reliance on scarce technical skill sets and project-driven operational goals make reaching outside an organization’s traditional workforce unavoidable. Organizations with established contingent labor programs easily find temporary workers from agencies, but engaging non-agency consultants and independent contractors is not what they were created to do. And of course, non-traditional workers pose enormous risks to your organization. TalentWave solves these problems. Our managed programs address these strategic issues:

  • Helping you get work done by enabling the engagement of flexible IT workers, including independent contractors and small service providers
  • Getting your workers onboarded as quickly as possible so they can start to work on your project or assignment
  • Categorizing each worker appropriately to eliminate the risk of worker misclassification
  • Performing vendor qualification checks to make sure your small IT service providers don’t pose extra risk to the organization
  • Making it easy for you to approve time or deliverables, and expenses
  • Ensuring your resources are paid accurately and on time
  • Providing access to a comprehensive benefits package that helps you recruit and retain talent
  • How to reduce your reliance on staffing or staff augmentation firms for talent by creating your own talent communities

Value Proposition for IT Program Stakeholders

Partnering with TalentWave means we design a solution to solve these IT management challenges and deliver bottom-line results specifically for your organization. Our IT program stakeholders tell us they enjoy the following benefits:

  • TalentWave’s service is easy to use. IT sponsors simply refer the resource and the SOW to us, we take care of the rest.
  • Simple time/expense/milestone entry and approval
  • Simplifying the hassles of contracting and invoicing a large number of small IT “vendors”
  • Rapid onboarding and easy offboarding of pre-identified, non-agency resources
  • We don’t interfere in their ability to engage with a contingent worker; we just help them do it right.
  • Dedicated TalentWave point of contact, and high-touch service that answers any manager or consultant questions, and quickly resolves any issues
  • We help reduce your reliance on expensive staffing or staff augmentation firms by enabling you to create your own talent communities

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