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Consultative, Flexible, Delivering Value
Our approach to partnership is consultative, flexible, and focused on delivering the greatest value to end-user clients. A formal partnership with TalentWave builds a strong working relationship between our teams, enabling a deeper level of technical and workflow integration, sales collaboration, and ultimately the delivery of world-class compliance and engagement solutions to clients.

As a market leader in providing innovative Independent Contractor compliance and engagement solutions to clients across all industries, TalentWave is well positioned to offer advantages to a wide range of partners. Strong partnerships with MSP, VMS, and talent solution providers are essential to many of our enterprise programs. This allows us to incorporate robust independent contractor compliance and engagement solutions into these organizations’ new or existing client programs.

TalentWave is vendor-neutral. We must be, given the broad applicability of our solutions and the fact that many clients want to choose best-of-breed solution providers. However, we are often asked for recommendations by clients and prospects which opens the opportunity to endorse those firms we partner with. TalentWave’s mature partnerships involve joint sales calls, allowing us to represent the capabilities of our partner with the utmost confidence.

We often work with our partners to:

  • Develop a standardized process to onboard and manage the total flexible workforce, including resources that come to the organization through project sponsors or internal networks rather than third party agencies
  • Reduce worker misclassification and co-employment risk from non-agency workers such as freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors
  • Build internal talent communities of known resources who have proven themselves
  • Provide transparency and control over the total workforce, including extended flexible workers not delivered by agencies

Partnering with TalentWave means we design a solution to solve these challenges and deliver bottom-line results for your client. TalentWave’s consultative approach drives client results and shows our partners in the best possible light.
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