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What Makes TalentWave Unique?
Our vendor-neutral solutions enable clients to self-source independent workers and engage them on projects quickly, safely, and effectively. For companies who want to integrate independent workers into their workforce but who are frustrated by slow, tedious, and often confusing options for engaging them, TalentWave is the answer. We help our clients drive results and look confidently ahead to the future by:

  • Speed and Efficiency. TalentWave’s unique technology platform streamlines the process of validating, onboarding, managing and re-engaging specialized talent pools throughout the employment life cycle. Our proprietary technology uniquely automates the compliance and on-going lifecycle providing employers and partners with unparalleled transparency.
  • Risk Mitigation. TalentWave has a perfect record in employment tax audits for our clients’ worker classifications. A perfect record! With TalentWave’s detailed documentation and audit support our clients have avoided hundreds of millions of dollars in potential tax liabilities and penalties.
    Service Excellence. We are passionate about what we do. We believe in it. We know that with our help, companies can build their businesses and their independent workers can thrive. TalentWave consistently receives high marks from both clients and consultants for domain expertise and knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism.
  • Consultative Approach. We are at the heart of the independent workforce. That’s all we do. And that means that our focused, consultative approach reduces the overall costs of our clients’ flexible workforce program. The high-touch TalentWave service model minimizes the risks associated with worker misclassification. We maintain agile internal operations including people, process and technology to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Technology. Through our iConnect Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, we help clients lower costs while gaining the highest independent contractor approval rates in the industry. Proven TalentWave engagement solutions improve visibility into your independent workforce spend and productivity, while ensuring compliance with all Federal, State and local tax rules. It’s this powerful platform that automates classification, provides payroll, and enables clients to manage the engagement life cycle verification through billing and payment authorizations. Ours is the only compliance solution that can seamlessly integrate with a single sign-on into a company’s existing VMS system. Our solution requires no complicated hardware installation and minimal IT resources—saving clients time, resources and money.

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