TalentWave Year in Review: Reflecting on 2016

TalentWave Year in Review: Reflecting on 2016
December 30th, 2016

At the end of the year it is always healthy and productive to reflect on where we’ve been, and where we’re going. This is traditionally an exercise reserved for individuals, but it is equally useful for a company.


Core Principles for Building a Successful a Talent Community
October 27th, 2016

Given the revolutionary aspect of this new technology-enabled service we published a Talent Community Manifesto last week. Now it is time to get a little more practical and cover some of the core principles we have learned about building a successful Talent Community.


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Talent Community Manifesto: The Declaration of Independents
October 19th, 2016

Several weeks ago TalentWave announced the launch of our Talent Community solution. This is a technology enabled service that helps our client companies to curate a community of independent workers who are already known to the organization. When coupled with TalentWave’s comprehensive engagement layer, Talent Community creates a powerful end-to-end solution for engaging non-employee workers that we […]


We are TalentWave
April 7th, 2016

Last October we made an exciting move – bringing together two leading companies – ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services through a strategic merger to create the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry. A week ago we took another big step with the launch of our new TalentWave brand.


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What Does It Mean To Give Back?
August 4th, 2015

At TalentWave we strive to conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and live up to every one of our commitments to clients, consultants, partners, employees and shareholders. TalentWave also has rich a tradition of charitable giving. We believe that with our success comes an even greater responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and […]


The Affordable Care Act and Your Contingent Workforce
May 22nd, 2014

New IRS Regulations Shed Light on ACA and Employer Shared Responsibilities There has been a lot of confusion over how the ACA regulations will affect contingent labor programs, specifically W-2 contractors. The IRS recently provided guidelines for employers who use contractors as part of their workforce, and the takeaway is this: If your supplier offers […]


Latest Updates to the ACA and its Effect on Employers of Contingent Workers
January 15th, 2014

Are You Taking the Necessary Steps to Cover Your Contractor Population? Throughout 2013, TalentWave kept its audience apprised of the changes and updates to the Affordable Care Act and there continues to be elements that still remain just as important as when communication around the ACA began. As the contingent labor population grows (nearly half of […]


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