Dynamex: Aftershocks of Seismic Shift, How Companies Classify Their Independent Workers
On-Demand Webinar: 9 Steps to Building a Flexible Workforce Strategy
May 9th, 2017 |

NOTE: This webinar was recorded on May 9, 2017

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A flexible workforce model can attract scarce talent, while driving significant cost savings and enhancing enterprise flexibility. How do today’s HR professionals partner with other colleagues, including Procurement teams, to determine the ideal mix of traditional versus flexible workers (independent contractors, freelancers, temp workers)? That is the “million-dollar” question.

This question is hard to answer because talent demand is not static and is constantly in flux. Where do best-in-class organizations draw the line between full-time employees and flexible workers? And if your organization isn’t using flexible workers, should you? That’s where a total talent management strategy comes in.

In this flexible workforce webinar you will learn:

  • How, and why, progressive companies are balancing their traditional, full-time workforces with non-employee workers like contractors, freelancers, temps and SOW workers
  • The strategic benefits of taking a blended approach to your workforce
  • When and where to leverage flexible workers
  • How to build a step-by-step action plan unique to your organization
  • How to mitigate risks involved with the contingent workforce
  • The strategic value of building a talent community

To watch the recorded webinar:

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