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TalentWave’s whitepapers explore the world of total talent management from the perspective of a recognized thought leader in the industry. This regularly published series explains how companies can safely and cost-effectively engage the independent workforce through new insights, innovative strategies, and program best practices.

Here are a few of our most recent Whitepapers:

Flexible Workforce Strategic Planning Guide
The Flexible Workforce Strategic Planning Guide

Almost every industry can benefit from engaging the independent workforce. So how do you effectively tap into the potential of highly skilled independent workers (contractors, freelancers, temps, etc.)? This step-by-step strategic planning guide will help you build your own unique strategy for engaging independent workers alongside your full-time employees.



Search your known resources and deploy them as soon as the following day with your own Talent Community. Learn more about TalentWave’s innovative technology and talent re-engagement solution. 


The Flexible Workforce: A shock absorber for turbulent economic conditions

What is the optimal staffing level? How do you determine the right mix of traditional workers versus flexible workers (independent contractors, freelancers, temporary workers)? Learn how total talent management works and how you can adapt this flexible workforce model to your organization’s needs.


The Hottest Topics of 2015 (and looking ahead)

Industry thought leaders from TalentWave share their perspectives on the hottest contingent workforce topics of 2015 and looking ahead. This whitepaper is intended to be an accessible and approachable brief providing actionable intelligence that guides, informs, and elevates readers on issues affecting their flexible workers and bottom lines.


Becoming a Client of Choice for the Independent Workforce

Progressive organizations are learning that in order to attract and retain independent workers they must strive to become a “client-of-choice”. This whitepaper presents 10 proven best practices for success in the new workforce era of talent scarcity and Total Talent Management.


IC Compliance Program Frequently Asked Questions

As industry experts in Independent Contractor compliance and engagement solutions, TalentWave is often asked for expert input from organizations considering an IC compliance program. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions (and our answers!)


Practical Steps in Statement of Work (SOW) Management

Statement of Work (SOW) Management serves as the basis for defining a project relationship through a formal contract agreement between the client and the contractor. Here are some tips on how to do it right.


The Perils of Do-it-Yourself Independent Contractor Compliance

We are often asked about the merits of going with an in-house, or what we call a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), approach to independent contractor compliance versus outsourcing to a proven expert like TalentWave.


3 Things to Consider When Engaging Independent Contractors

As more organizations implement contingent worker programs as part of their overall business and total talent management strategy, it’s important to make sure that you as a company are protected from issues beyond  independent contractor (IC) misclassification.


Intellectual Property, Trade Secret Risks and Your Independent Contractors

Some practical advice on how you can best safeguard your business IP and trade secrets while still providing the critical information necessary for your contingent workers to do their job.


Tenure Limits for Temporary Employees

Imposing tenure limits for temporary employees is a common practice. However, the minimal benefits gained from instituting and enforcing these policies is generally outweighed by significant costs to the organization.


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