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Welcome to the new normal.

Traditional employment models composed of predominantly full-time employees are not the future of the workforce.


US gig economy spending.

Source: Staffing Industry Analysts



of work done by contingent workers in the next 10 years.

Source: Staffing Industry Analysts


Of Executives

agree that the future of work will be based on projects than roles.

Source: Accenture

Gig Economy

workers in the U.S.

Source: Forbes

Safe, cost-effective ways to directly source awesome talent

You want your company to be a great place to work and to have a great reputation as an employer! And all signs point to workforce trends where workers want flexibility. To attract the best talent, you need a model that includes the right mix of full-time employees (FTEs) and independent workers to make you agile. Let TalentWave provide ways to help you use the growing universe of contractors who can bring incredible talent and know-how to your projects. We help you safely engage with directly sourced independent contractors, redeployed or third-party workers, freelancers and micro-firms.


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Discover the better way to do business. You can concentrate on your FTEs and cost management. We’ll provide the strategy, tools and methodology to handle the rest of your contingent workforce. Together we can make the gig-work model function to your advantage.


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We are passionately committed to helping companies safely engage talented, independent workers when and where they’re needed. Through this new workforce model, it’s our mission to fully support our clients who provide rewarding, challenging and flexible work options to attract great talent.


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In our information-driven world, keeping up with new developments is imperative. Data-rich webinars, white papers, case-studies and our blog can keep you informed about proven best practices, industry trends and transformation and ways to effectively and use independent workers as a highly valued resource.

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Protect your brand, minimize costs, avoid layoffs and attract new workers by building a flexible workforce model that includes all types of independent workers.