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Transitions can be confusing. When flexible workers first start working with TalentWave, they often have urgent questions. Listening to and directly addressing their concerns can help alleviate stress and keep talent happy and productive. Your dedicated Resources Team at TalentWave is your first stop to get all the support you need. Contact us with any questions.


Here are a few questions you might receive from contractors. The types of questions you will be asked may differ if you are a managed service provider or working with contractors directly.

Will transitioning to TalentWave have any effect on my current assignment?

No. This change will not affect the length of your current assignment.

Will I be able to negotiate a new hourly rate with TalentWave?

No. Your current employer has verified your hourly rate. This information has been provided to TalentWave to ensure all assignment details remain the same.

I have health benefits with my current employer. Will there be a break in coverage because I am transferring to TalentWave?

There should be little to no disruption in coverage, should you elect to participate in TalentWave’s comprehensive benefit offerings. TalentWave give you details the benefit offerings available to you as well as hold group sessions answer any questions you may have.

Will I need to learn new TalentWave processes?

Yes. You will need to enter your time and expenses into the iConnect timekeeping system each week. You will receive new logins and passwords for the iConnect system at the time of the conversion, and your paycheck will be issued by TalentWave according to the same schedule.

What are my options should I not want to transfer to TalentWave?

All referred resources will be transitioned to TalentWave. Should you elect not to transfer your assignment to TalentWave, we will work with your hiring manager to identify an agreeable assignment end date.

What are the differences between receiving a W-2 and a 1099 form for tax purposes?

The differences between W-2 and 1099 contracting are many. Go to our Define W-2 or 1099 page for a detailed explanation.


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