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Set a true course

Improperly engaging independent workers could pose an enormous risk to your enterprise. Partner with TalentWave to address major strategic issues and safely sail to success with a managed program and proven implementation methodology.

Implementation deployment

TalentWave supports you through all the phases of implementation deployment with a hands-on Resource Team comprised of a dedicated point of contact, an Executive Sponsor and a Program Specialist who will answer your day-to-day questions.

Your Resource Team puts your needs first—always.

Team members understand the industry, the MSP model and VMS technology. They live and breathe contractor engagement from seamless onboarding to possible re-engagement. Benefit from their technical savvy and ability to problem solve every step of the way:

  1. Initiation: TalentWave partners with you to ensure key stakeholders align on project goals, important milestones, and timelines. Ensure successful program adoption with early senior management involvement.
  2. Plan and design: Work TalentWave to design a program solution that addresses all of your requirements.
  3. Execution: We keep your project on time, quickly resolve issues and let you know exactly what to expect with implementation. We also help you champion broader program adoption.
  4. Launch: We provide proven methods to manage change and transition workers with minimal business disruption.
  5. Experience: TalentWave carefully transfers your program from our implementation team to all relevant parties. We will solicit real-time feedback from you, candidates and the MSP to ensure all is running smoothly.
  6. Optimization: Once your program is in place, TalentWave can help you keep it going strong. We can also team with you to revitalize older programs with recommendations, communication tips and ongoing education.
  7. Innovation: TalentWave can help you adopt the newest technologies to reduce your reliance on staffing firms and enable you to create your own talent communities.


Procurement Sponsors
Let us help you simplify your talent process: Gain control and oversight, decrease overall cost, outsource and streamline non-essential administrative function, all while seamlessly integrating with MSP programs and VMS systems.

Human Resources
Attract, manage and retain satisfied, engaged ICs to complement your traditional workforce. Together we can design a solution to your talent challenges that helps you manage risk, reduce reliance on outside firms, simplify processes and more. We take care of your independent workers so they can focus on delivering quality for your organization.