The value of partnering with TalentWave

Transform your talent strategies, reduce costs and be compliant without worry

You know your next move.

Transitioning to a project- and gig-based talent strategy will allow you to tap into the power of operational flexibility and grow your business.

You just need the right partner to help you with the details.

With more than 20 years of experience payrolling and managing compliance, TalentWave can help you simplify your talent engagement strategies, mitigate risk, save on costs and ultimately protect your valuable brand.

Our technology platform and comprehensive suite of professional services allow you to safely engage and retain independent workers while concentrating your core business.



IC Solutions

As your Agent of Record (AOR) we can vet and validate potential Independent Contractors (ICs) and sub-vendors for you, aid in categorizing your workforce, mitigate potential risks and maintain ongoing audit defense files. Already have an IC that’s pre-qualified? We can get them working on your project faster and take care of paperwork and payment so you don’t have to worry.

Professional Payrolling

As your Employer of Record (EOR) we payroll and provide benefits to named contractors for you. We collect, maintain and retain all documentation as well as issue year-end W-2s. Our high-touch service keeps workers happy, saves you money and reduces the risk of co-employment.


As your Agent of Record (AOR), we manage your ICs, re-evaluate them if necessary and take care of all reporting. We continually evaluate projects to ensure ongoing compliance and lessen risk as well as provide in-depth analytics to help you make decisions.

Health Check

Our Health Check is an efficient first step to help you identify and solve the issue of IC misclassification that may be present today throughout your organization. TalentWave conducts formal evaluations of existing contingent worker programs to uncover hidden risks. Paired with our sub-vendor qualification solution, a Health Check also ensures service providers and their workers meet all legal classification requirements as well as your pre-defined standards.


Procurement Sponsors
Let us help you simplify your talent process: Gain control and oversight, decrease overall cost, streamline administration, all while seamlessly integrating with MSP programs and VMS systems.

Project Sponsors
Rapidly onboard and easily offboard non-agency talent you know. Simply refer the talent and the SOW to TalentWave and we’ll take care of the rest. A dedicated point of contact will answer any manager or consultant questions and quickly resolve issues.