I’m a Contractor

It’s an incredible time to be a contractor!

Flexible workers have recently taken the job market by storm. In fact, 40 percent of global employers are having trouble filling positions and the gig economy is expected to grow a whopping 179 percent in the next 10 years.

In short, your contributions are very valuable to employers. They can’t accomplish projects without you.

Who is TalentWave?

TalentWave occupies a rare space at the center of the independent work universe. We partner with our clients and act on their behalf to take care of the details so that contractors can get their jobs done as smoothly as possible.

Contractor Log-Ins

Employees who receive W-2s from TalentWave can use the Dayforce software portal to easily complete onboarding forms, view paystubs and update personal information.

Whether you are an Independent Contractor, a qualified vendor or a TalentWave W-2 employee, you can use iConnect to quickly enter your time and expenses. Independent Contractors or qualified vendors can also view their payment history through iConnect. 


W-2 or 1099?

TalentWave helps employers and clients stay safe with proper flexible worker classification. Learn more about the difference between employees who receive W-2s and 1099 contractors.


Electronic Resources

Whether you are an Independent Contractor or collect a W-2 from TalentWave as your Employer of Record, visit our convenient online tools to help you complete essentials tasks.


Contractor FAQs

Find quick answers to questions about payday, sick time, benefits and more by reading our FAQs.


COVID-19 Resources

Useful information to help contractors whose jobs may be impacted by COVID-19 related layoffs.

Contact Us

Contact TalentWave with questions or concerns about your engagement such as payment, time keeping and benefits.