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What do I do if I’m bullied or harassed at work and I can’t go to my manager?

Submit a detailed complaint to your Client company Human Resources department, TalentWave, and management with 24 hours of the incident.

What day is payday?


Please note that this is dependent upon your time being approved by the weekly deadline. If you submitted your timecard on time and it was approved by your manager on time, then there are two ways that your paycheck could be sent to you:

  1. Direct deposit (recommended): Direct deposits payments are made available to your bank account on Fridays.
  2. Mail: Paychecks are mailed on Wednesdays from our Denver, CO office.

Please notify our office if your home address changes. This will also ensure you receive your W-2 in a timely manner.

If I signed up for direct deposit, will my first paycheck be direct deposited?

Yes, we will deposit it into your account, even for the first paycheck.

How do I access my Paystubs, W-2 or update my personal information?

On your first paycheck, you will receive login information and instructions about how to view your paystubs. For W-2 employees, visit DayforceFor Independent Contractors and qualified vendors, visit iConnect

Can TalentWave help me find a new job when this one ends?

TalentWave does not place candidates for jobs like a staffing agency. We receive candidates who have been preselected by our clients (i.e., how you received your first assignment) and then act as Employer of Record throughout the duration of the contract.

What if I decide to resign my position?

Contact TalentWave right away, prior to your last day, so that we can finalize your paperwork and payment.

Who should I contact if I am sick and need to take time off?

Contact your client company manager and your TalentWave Program Specialist as soon as possible.

What benefits are available to me?

If you are considered a W-2 employee of TalentWave, we offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits through United Healthcare, in addition to 401k and voluntary life insurance up to $150,000. As long as you are anticipated to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, you will qualify for TalentWave’s benefits

I am a W-2 employee and I am not getting my password reset prompt from Dayforce. What do I do?

You will need to contact your Program Specialist to reset for you. Then, navigate to your preferences and turn on the email notification capability. See this guide for more information.

Where can I access prior year’s W-2 forms?

Use the Contact form to request this from your Program Specialist. Please allow up to 72-hours for us to address this request.

If I need an employment verification, where do I request this?

You can have it faxed to our HR Fax number at 303-265-9417. Please allow up to 72-hours for us to address this request.

I am a W-2 employee and I just moved. What do I need to do to update my personal information?

Log-in to Dayforce, change your address and update any other relevant personal or tax information that has changed due to your move. Dayforce Onboarding Quick Reference Guide for more information.