Electronic Resources

Access the tools you need

Whether you are an Independent Contractor or collect a W2 from TalentWave as your Employer of Record, you may have questions about how to complete onboarding, access your payment information, enter hours into your timesheet and more.

TalentWave employs a variety of convenient online programs to help you complete essential tasks.



Employees who receive W-2s from TalentWave can use the Dayforce software portal to easily complete onboarding forms, view paystubs and update personal information.



Whether you are an Independent Contractor, a qualified vendor or a TalentWave W-2 employee, you can use iConnect to quickly enter your time and expenses. Independent Contractors or qualified vendors can also view their payment history through iConnect.


Independent Worker
TalentWave will get you working quickly and pay you accurately and promptly. Our dedicated account management resources will answer your questions, resolve issues and advocate on your behalf with your project sponsor.