Expanded Services Offer Efficient and Streamlined Experience for International Talent Management

Foster City, Calif. – May 8, 2018TalentWave, the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry, announces its partnership with iWorkGlobal, a leader in global workforce management, to deliver international workforce solutions to its North American clients. With iWorkGlobal’s extensive network and leadership in global workforce management, TalentWave is able to customize independent workforce solutions for its clients’ complex global hiring needs across 165 countries on six continents.

The partnership with iWorkGlobal extends TalentWave’s reach beyond North America, helping businesses manage independent contractors, small suppliers, payroll workers and beyond, no matter where they are located. iWorkGlobal’s local expertise on the ground around the world is combined with TalentWave’s extensive knowledge and service in independent workforce solutions to present clients with a simplified recommendation that takes care of complicated workforce needs in multiple countries.

“As the workforce continues to evolve and global borders blur, international solutions are no longer just an option, they’re a must. Navigating these markets is a significant undertaking, and we’re excited to make this as simple as possible for our clients,” said Teresa Creech, CEO of TalentWave. “Expanding our network, and partnering with the experts at iWorkGlobal, who live and breathe the complex international employment market, gives our clients the advantage to find and manage the right talent regardless of their classification status or where they’re located, all while mitigating risk.”

TalentWave and iWorkGlobal’s partnership offers an extensive range of global services that vary by country, but typically include:

  • Employed and/or self-employed structures
  • Tax registration and de-registration
  • Social security management
  • Work permit and visa applications
  • In-country payroll and insurance solutions
  • Compliance audit and ongoing risk mitigation
  • Updates and legislation tracking specific to a region/country
  • International policies and regulatory intelligence
  • Language and cultural support

“We’re thrilled to partner with TalentWave to provide a high-touch, seamless international talent management experience for its customers, no matter what their needs,” said Jeff Phelps, CEO of iWorkGlobal. “As we face a tight domestic labor market and increasingly global business needs, our services complement each other perfectly as more companies look for customized independent workforce solutions.”

About TalentWave, Inc.

TalentWave is the industry’s leading provider of independent workforce engagement solutions, offering comprehensive services to meet the needs of the labor market of the future. TalentWave’s clients include many Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries across the globe, and its innovative technology, expertise, and unmatched customer experience help companies safely and effectively engage their independent workers. Its award-winning iConnect® SaaS technology platform enables TalentWave to deliver a broad array of proven independent workforce engagement solutions including: independent contractor compliance, agent-of-record, employer-of-record professional payroll services, vendor qualification, subcontracting, talent re-engagement, and advisory services. For additional information, visit: talentwave.com.

About iWorkGlobal

iWorkGlobal and its team of experienced industry experts are an authority in global workforce management. With a network of partners in more than 165 countries, iWorkGlobal provides employer of record, compliance consultation, and agent of record services both domestically and internationally—opening the globe to employers with services that make hiring, paying and managing remote employees and contractors faster and error free. These services are combined with iWorkGlobal’s proprietary online platform, MyVista, which allows businesses to manage their full roster of international workers through a single dashboard. For more information, please visit www.iworkglobal.com.

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