Independent workforce leaders ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services complete their strategic merger with launch of new TalentWave brand

Foster City, Calif. – March 31, 2016 –  TalentWave, the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry, launched its new brand today. This follows the October 2015 strategic merger of ICon Professional Services and Synergy Services, both recognized as pioneers in working with enterprise clients and independent workers. The union of these companies brought together two strong leadership teams, and the people, processes and technology to address the increasingly complex challenges of the growing independent workforce.

“Putting these two incredible growth companies together enabled us to better serve the rapidly evolving marketplace,” said TalentWave’s CEO, Teresa Creech. “In our first six months together, we have integrated our back-office systems and expanded our solutions portfolio to better serve our clients, contractors and partners. Our company lives at the center of the contingent workforce ecosystem and makes it possible for our clients and partners to gain flexibility and grow their businesses through the talent, passion, and expertise of independent workers. The new TalentWave brand was designed to reflect these market forces and the exciting role we play in the middle of it.”

TalentWave’s proven independent workforce engagement solutions, delivered through the company’s award-winning and proprietary iConnect® SaaS technology platform, include:

  • ICverify, for independent contractor vetting and validation
  • IC Engagement, Agent of Record (AOR) services
  • Professional Payrolling, Employer of Record (EOR) services
  • Vendor Qualification and Subcontracting services
  • Talent Community, talent re-engagement solution
  • Global Services

In conjunction with its brand launch, TalentWave has also introduced the Health Check offering through its newly formed Advisory Services group. This assessment service is a fast, affordable, simple way for companies to evaluate the risk in their independent workforce program.

“This innovative offering and the TalentWave brand reflect the dramatic change that is taking place in the workforce and the workplace today,” said Creech. “More than one-third of the US labor force are independent workers, and that number is expected to continue growing. This shift has become a powerful force that is rewriting the definition of work, creating both risk and opportunity for talent buyers. We believe this trend is exciting, transformative, and beneficial for companies and the independent workers they rely on to get vital work done. The TalentWave team is laser-focused on building and delivering the best solutions to meet the needs of this fast-changing market. Our rapid growth is a good indicator that we’re on the right path.”

About TalentWave, Inc.

TalentWave is the largest and most experienced provider of independent workforce engagement solutions. TalentWave’s clients include many Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries across the globe. They depend on TalentWave’s innovative technology, expertise, and unmatched customer experience to safely and effectively engage their independent workers. The award-winning iConnect® SaaS technology platform enables TalentWave to deliver a broad array of proven independent workforce engagement solutions including: independent contractor compliance, agent-of-record, employer-of-record professional payroll services, vendor qualification, subcontracting, talent re-engagement, global services, and advisory services. For additional information, visit: