IRVING, TX, April 5, 2017 –Workway On Demand℠ Services announced it has selected TalentWave to be its freelance worker compliance partner. “We are very excited to partner with TalentWave, they are the premier provider when it comes to independent workforce compliance and engagement” said James Bowmer, President and CEO of Workway. “We are very excited to partner with TalentWave, they are the premier provider when it comes to independent workforce compliance and engagement” said James Bowmer, President and CEO of Workway. “As we move forward with the launch of our new business channel Workway On Demand℠ Services, we look forward to helping companies of all sizes take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the workforce – the freelance worker or Independent Contractor.”

Dan Sussman, mortgage banking & Fintech industry executive in charge of launching Workway’s On Demand℠ Services business is thrilled to utilize the highest levels of IC compliance and audit defense provided by their new relationship with TalentWave. “When combining our proprietary online/mobile solutions (similar to those being used by companies like Angie’s List™, UBER™ and eBay™) with our highly experienced/compliant freelance worker portfolio, we can facilitate meaningful disruption to traditional FTE workforce models.” says Sussman.

“We are very focused on enhancing our position in the middle of the independent workforce ecosystem, and fulfilling our mission to enable organizations and independent workers to work together easily, safely and effectively,” said Teresa Creech, CEO of TalentWave. “Partnering with Workway furthers that goal, making it simpler than ever to efficiently engage independent contractors while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk for our enterprise clients.”

“We have created an online platform that allows companies of all sizes to connect with qualified IC’s to complete work assignments quickly and On Demand℠ 24|7|365. Our initial rollout will focus on the mortgage banking industry where rising interest rates, higher operating costs and reduced revenues are causing quite a challenge for mortgage originators. We expect to follow our mortgage banking roll out with real estate, accounting, legal, insurance, medical and home healthcare verticals.” said Sussman.

“Workway’s On Demand℠ services allow mortgage companies to realize immediate cost relief by reducing the fixed expense of a FTE. Increased productivity, reduced G & A and improved per loan profits are additional benefits of Workway’s ODS.  Having immediate access to unlimited capacity when market conditions change can be a huge game changer for mortgage originators – especially when no investment in technology is required.” says Sussman.

About Workway

Since 2005, Workway has been the premier provider of staffing solutions to the Title, Escrow, Mortgage, Loan Servicing, Default & REO industries.  Since then, Workway has become the leading experts in these areas and is delivering top-tier talent on a national basis. Workway has grown and evolved with the industry through technological advances, economic shifts and the dynamics of a changing work force.

Workway’s clients are the most recognizable names in the financial and real estate industries. To meet the needs of a changing economy, we are consistently forming new relationships with new customers and providing expanding opportunities for our top talent and Independent Contractors.

About TalentWave

TalentWave is the most experienced provider of independent workforce engagement solutions. TalentWave’s clients include many Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries across the globe. They depend on TalentWave’s innovative technology, expertise, and unmatched customer experience to safely and effectively engage their independent workers. The award-winning iConnect® SaaS technology platform enables TalentWave to deliver a broad array of proven independent workforce engagement solutions including: independent contractor compliance, agent-of-record, employer-of-record professional payroll services, vendor qualification, sub-vendor engagement, talent re-engagement, global services, and advisory services.