Our Solutions

We empower our clients

At TalentWave, we empower our clients to find and engage independent workers quickly, safely, and effectively.

Our proven solutions work seamlessly with all MSP and VMS environments. We can help you grow your business through the talent, passion and expertise of a reliable contingent workforce. Discover all we can offer:


Payroll Solutions

Our dedicated specialists use advanced cloud-based technology and personalized service to accomplish payrolling tasks quickly and accurately so that you can focus on your core business.


IC Solutions

Increase your business efficiency and access to a highly skilled workforce while reducing the risks of engaging Independent Contractors.


Sub-vendor Management

Partner with TalentWave to gain strategic solutions to small vendor management.


Talent Community Management

Partner with TalentWave to re-engage proven independent workers or source and manage cloud-based talent with confidence.


Health Check

Consult with TalentWave to discover whether or not your independent workforce is classified correctly, is compliant according to state and federal regulations and is being managed in the most cost-effective way possible.