Independent Contractor Solutions

Ready to ride the wave of change?

In today’s gig economy, the best experts for many projects are often independent contractors (ICs) or small service providers. But, let’s take a guess, understanding how to safely source and engage incredible independent talent isn’t exactly… in your wheelhouse, right?


No worries. TalentWave can help.

We enable companies to simplify talent acquisition and reduce costs with our fully compliant independent contractor engagement process. You can concentrate on what you do best: manage your FTEs. We’ll manage your independent workforce, protect you from the risks of worker misclassification, protect your valued employer brand and keep your talent happy.

Why partner with TalentWave?

Most successful businesses today thrive through the smart use of technological innovation. Partner with us and gain access to automated tools that will help optimize your contingent workforce engagements, expand your talent sources, provide safe and efficient ways to manage your program and much more.


Independent Contractor Engagement

Safely administer and pay your qualified independent contractors with our Agent-of-Record (AOR) engagement solution. We efficiently engage qualified ICs for you, ensure continued compliance, handle invoices, payments and reporting requirements and issue a year-end 1099.


Independent Contractor Verification

Stay safe: Validate compliant project structure in minutes with the Independent Contractor Verification module of our iConnect platform. Choose to automate, screen, track and report on the entire IC engagement process with a few clicks. Let us take care of the heavy-lifting by collecting the necessary documentation from the ICs and assisting with business verification, as part of our service offerings.


Procurement Sponsors
Let us help you simplify your talent process: Gain control and oversight, decrease overall cost, outsource and streamline non-essential administrative function, all while seamlessly integrating with MSP programs and VMS systems.

Human Resources
Attract, manage and retain satisfied, engaged ICs to complement your traditional workforce. Together we can design a solution to your talent challenges that helps you manage risk, reduce reliance on outside firms, simplify processes and more. We take care of your independent workers so they can focus on delivering quality for your organization.


Our powerful enterprise service delivery platform iConnect® provides “requisition to check” support for companies just like yours as well as an entire community of vendors, contractors and partners. This unified technology delivers oversight, control and, thankfully, predictable outcomes. It lets us easily evaluate, manage and pay ICs on your behalf reliably, again and again.

What’s more, iConnect is scalable. You can take advantage of the whole platform or just the module that best benefits your business. Plus, iConnect integrates with the leading Vendor Management System (VMS) environments.