Ensure Independent Contractor Compliance with iConnect

Avoid getting mired in misclassification

Read the latest news headlines?

Federal, state, and local government agencies are increasing efforts to ensure that independent contractors (ICs) are appropriately classified, taxes are collected and workers’ rights are fully protected.

The risks for misclassifying workers can be steep: distraction of your management team, brand reputation damage, large fines and possibly criminal charges. Often, the risks are even greater because misclassification can be applied retroactively.

A solution you can trust

TalentWave’s got you covered! We can help you stay safe when engaging independent workers with our industry-leading classification process, an integral part of our cloud-based service delivery platform, iConnect®.

TalentWave helps companies validate proper classification of ICs and ensure compliance in minutes! We automate, screen, track and deliver an accurate classification along with a comprehensive audit file for each contractor.

How does it work?

  1. The iConnect platform delivers a brief survey to your hiring manager to evaluate your project or statement of work.
  2. The business structure of the IC and the relationship with your company are evaluated through a similar survey.
  3. Based on IRS-20 factors and individual state tests, a proprietary algorithm evaluates each unique worker and engagement.
  4. Within minutes, our IC verification process delivers a proven, accurate, objective classification recommendation whether you submit 2 or 100 evaluations simultaneously. Our team of subject matter experts helps translate any gray areas for both contractors and engagement managers.
  5. After a recommendation is provided, our professional compliance experts validate your contractor’s business structure and create audit defense files for each project. More than providing point-in-time or snapshot-only compliance, we review and evaluate all active projects every six months and collect updated supporting documents to ensure ongoing compliance for longer-term and risk-mitigated engagements
  6. All supporting documentation is gathered and stored for future use and can be a safety net in the event of an audit.

The Benefits of IC verification through TalentWave


Evaluates ICs and projects prior to engagement to ensure independence


Improves IC pass rates


Provides risk mitigation for IC compliance


Creates a paper-trail of audit defense files and audit support


Mitigates risk and indemnification against worker misclassification


Provides justification for classification in the event of an audit

Why TalentWave?

With TalentWave’s proven IC verification solution through iConnect®, we streamline and simplify the process it takes to qualify an IC. Our real-world audit experience and our industry expertise have positioned us to successfully complete over 60,000 IC evaluations for our clients, none of which have been overturned!

We work with you to redesign engagements

What happens when a worker doesn’t qualify as an IC?

Our goal is to produce the highest independent contractor pass rate while staying true to state and federal regulatory guidelines. When a borderline classification occurs, our team of compliance experts work with you to review the engagement and determine whether there is a possibility of engaging the worker as a properly classified IC.

We consistently demonstrate high pass rates for the ICs that we evaluate. Through continuous education and collaboration with our clients, we have a proven record of successfully increasing IC pass rates from year one to mature programs.

For those workers or projects that simply cannot qualify as ICs, we can help you with comprehensive professional Employer of Record (EOR) payroll services. TalentWave provides exceptional support and benefits to your workers while keeping them happy, productive and focusing on delivering great work to support the goals of your business.

Partner with TalentWave to insulate your company from employer compliance risks and liabilities that can be a part of engaging with independent talent. It’s a win-win for everyone.

No worries! We have you covered

Workers who qualify as independent contractors are engaged by our full-service IC engagement, Agent of Record (AOR) solution. Those who don’t qualify are engaged through our Professional Payroll Employer of Record (EOR) solution.

We can help you succeed in today’s fast-paced gig worker economy with flexible, proven tools and a business model focused on the right mix of workers to elevate your business.