Global Services

Engage workers anywhere

The future is wide open—worldwide. TalentWave can help you across 6 continents in more than 160 countries.

Through a handful of carefully screened global partners and TalentWave solutions, we can work with you to engage independent workers in the US and its territories using a long-standing, proven success model.

Does your business require you to leverage talent and uniquely skilled workers outside of the US? We can provide engagement solutions virtually anywhere else in the world through a carefully screened network of global partners.

Be understood from the start

When it comes to engaging workers across the globe, each company’s unique needs and challenges matter. TalentWave will work with you to thoroughly understand your company’s:

  • Existing international arrangements
  • Potential populations (spend and headcount by country)
  • Legal requirements for each country
  • Timelines for communication
  • Global invoicing requirements

Get a competitive solution

Partner with us to gain a flexible but consistent solution to your global needs. TalentWave employs one management service across all countries and positions to guarantee a consistent engagement experience every time.

All requests flow through TalentWave operations and our team keeps in touch with in-country partners throughout the entire process to ensure timely feedback. We remain your single point of contact and are accountable from the start.

Regulations vary across the globe and navigating the complex requirements and laws in each country can be complex. TalentWave’s Global Services can help with:

  • Employed and/or self-employed structures
  • Tax registration and de-registration
  • Social security management
  • Work permit and visa applications
  • In-country payroll and insurance solutions
  • Compliance audit and ongoing risk mitigation
  • Updates and legislation tracking specific to a region or country
  • International policies and regulatory intelligence
  • Language and cultural support

Benefit from TalentWave’s direct and trusted third-party network of in-country engagement solution partners.