Sub-vendor Management

Engage specialty workers without a special headache

You need independent workers with unique skillsets for your next project. Does the thought of finding and securing them keep you up at night?

The size and budget profile of many small specialty service providers and specialized consulting firms can create workload challenges. What’s more, workers from small service providers can expose your company to significant worker misclassification risks.

Instead of being paralyzed by potential hurdles, take action with TalentWave – your strategic solution to vendor management.

Sub-vendor management solutions


Sub-vendor qualification

Outsource sub-vendor qualification and drive business efficiency while reducing risks. With our Vendor Qualification solution, we can evaluate new or re-engage known service providers to ensure they meet your standards for vendor status and business size.


Sub-vendor engagement

Engage small specialty suppliers quickly and easily. We subcontract with referred vendors for you and ensure they meet your pre-defined standards. TalentWave’s streamlined process can cut costs and increase the consistency of your experience as you onboard and engage independent contractors.


Project Sponsors
Partnering with TalentWave to qualify and safely engage sub-vendors allows you to rapidly onboard and easily offboard pre-identified, non-agency resources. We don’t interfere with your ability to engage with a small business or independent worker; we just help you to do it right. Simply refer the resource and the SOW to us, we take care of the rest.

What’s more, TalentWave can help you increase efficiencies and save on costs by enabling you to create your own talent communities and to stay engaged with them for future projects.