Sub-vendor Qualification

Smooth sailing ahead

TalentWave can make qualifying and engaging small or non-strategic service providers easy and straight-forward. Our comprehensive qualification process ensures service providers and their workers meet all legal as well as your own pre-defined standards.

Safely qualify all service suppliers

Suppliers of fewer than ten employees can introduce significant levels of worker misclassification risk. Our proven processes can take the guesswork out of classification and mitigate that risk.

Choose TalentWave to vet small service providers on your behalf and benefit from cost and efficiency savings in contract administration while maintaining consistency in vendor management. Qualify larger, non-preferred suppliers through TalentWave as well for contracting and management purposes.

During Sub-vendor qualification, TalentWave:

  • Validates business size to help you make engagement decisions
  • Conducts prescreening verification of workers
  • Ensures proper classification of all vendor resources performing services
  • Verifies setup and program compliance
  • Administers documentation and contract provisions on your behalf
  • Verifies business insurance and tracks renewal
  • Ensures payroll tax reporting and completes year-end reporting

Sub-contractor Engagement

Take the next step and engage small service providers as subcontractors through TalentWave’s Sub-vendor engagement solution.

What about re-engagement?

Have you already discovered and worked with great talent you trust? Then why not benefit from their services again? Dramatically improve your “time to productivity” by re-engaging proven workers who already understand your business and can hit the ground running. We can help with our Talent Community Re-engagement Solution, TalentBridge®.