Talent Community Management through TalentBridge®

Build it and they will come

Once you’ve worked with an independent worker, you may want to work with them again – especially if you trust them and value their contributions.

But, how do you keep track of each worker? How can you ensure they remain compliant and that they’ll be available when that next time comes? That’s where TalentWave’s TalentBridge solution enters the picture.


Easily identify and re-engage proven independent workers without spending a dime on outside recruiters or agencies through our cloud-based application, TalentBridge, a talent community solution to extend your non-employee workforce.

TalentWave can help you build a robust community of independent workers. We won’t just manage your Talent Community; we’ll nurture it so that contingent workers will want to re-engage with your company again and again.

It takes time, as well as access to the right tools, but making the effort to curate a dedicated Talent Community can pay off big for your business.


Procurement Sponsors
Partner with TalentWave to gain compelling, cost-effective, flexible worker engagement solutions that help to attract and retain the talent your stakeholders need.

Human Resources
Reduce reliance on staffing or staff augmentation firms. Curate and organize your very own Talent Communities with TalentBridge.