Talent Community Re-engagement Solution

Transform your business

Don’t let your best independent workers simply walk away at the conclusion of a project. You’ve spent time training them. They know your brand and have established strong relationships within your company that take time to build. Knowledge equity is priceless.

Let TalentWave help you keep your resources readily accessible within your existing requisition process.

Curate and re-engage alumni, previous contractors, referrals and silver medalists (great candidates you interviewed, but didn’t hire for a full-time role,) with TalentBridge®, TalentWave’s cloud-based solution to extend your non-employee workforce.

With TalentBridge, simply select the best-known resources for your project, easily deploy them and get projects done faster.

The Benefits of TalentBridge


Decrease time to productivity


Save with a lower-cost workforce strategy solution


Obtain better results than third-party staffing


Safely engage workers from subscribed clouds


Comply with contingent workforce legal standards


Retain access to valuable legacy information and reuse resources

How does it work for hiring managers?

  1. Target. Proactively source your contingent worker using TalentBridge as a low-cost, first-point-of-reference consultant sourcing tool.
  2. Test. Determine the status of the worker and engagement implications based on the qualifications of the worker and the type of work being performed.
  3. Manage. Ensure the worker is managed according to the proper work status and employment laws as required.
  4. Re-engage. Bring back qualified consultants for future assignments.

How does it work for Talent?

  1. Register. Workers or candidates fill out a simple registration form via an attractive user interface.
  2. Confirm. The candidate is sent an email to confirm their registration and welcome them to the TalentBridge community.
  3. Build. Candidates can build a robust profile, link to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, upload a resume, and post their availability dates in the app.
  4. Match. TalentBridge matches the candidate profile with opportunities and suggests job matches.
  5. Apply: The candidate can review the position and apply for an open project.
  6. Review and Track: A TalentWave Talent Agent reviews an email triggered by the program and determines the viability of the match. Candidates can track progress and manage communications with their Talent Agent in the system.

Curate your own talent community

Subscribed talent clouds

Through TalentBridge®, our talent re-engagement solution, we partner with leading cloud providers to deliver the hard-to-find talent you need most. Get the best talent on-demand for just the right duration to complete your project and save on costs.

We help ensure the workers are fully compliant to keep your business safe. TalentWave can play as much of a role in the process as you like from requirements routing to client-specific onboarding. Whatever you need, we ensure the ICs you engage meet all state and federal requirements for classification.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In addition to offering the management and redeployment of known contractors to meet your needs, TalentWave partners with best-in-class Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies to build custom talent engines and recruiting processes designed to address the demands of your company.

TalentBridge will help you build a tailored community of workers you can trust, available at the right time, with just the right skills to take your business into the future.

One powerful solution for growth

Before contacting third-party agencies, consultancies or recruiters, search TalentBridge to match your open projects with resources you already trust.

TalentBridge encompasses all of the people, processes and technology required to manage your pool of flexible workers and cultivate a thriving Talent Community.