NOTE: This webinar was recorded on August 13, 2019

Roberto Cruz and Patrick Youngs

With Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) gaining rapid momentum as it heads to the California senate, and the Dynamex ruling from 2018 now firmly taking root, the only thing we know for sure is that big changes are on the horizon for both companies and independent contractors with workers in California and beyond its borders. If these landmark shifts aren’t enough to make you take notice, add to the equation that these policies are expected to be enforced retroactively. Now you understand why this is the perfect storm.

Given California’s influence, other states are closely monitoring the AB5 vote. While more revisions are needed before going to the Senate, most signs point to AB5 becoming law. If it does, organizations in California and throughout the U.S. will be forced to build and execute on an enhanced 1099 compliance strategy, and do so quickly.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on what your business needs to know and the actions you can take now to brace for the vibrations in your workforce strategy — as California and other states scrutinize and make changes to worker classification practices.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Benefits and drawbacks this bill will have on businesses and freelancers
  • Why complying with prong B of the ABC test is critical
  • The fallout: How enforcement agencies are taking action in CA and beyond
  • How to evaluate your current IC and freelance worker population
  • Best practices you should implement now to safeguard your organization

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