Rob Cruz and Patrick Youngs

NOTE: This webinar was recorded on July 22, 2020

It’s only July, but this year has already left its mark. The headlines are dominated by news about the pandemic, the economy, politics and immense cultural change across the globe. But there has also been a torrent of legislative activity and movements in the employer/employee realm that will forever impact the way work gets done

Join TalentWave’s Rob Cruz, VP Compliance and Sr. Legal Counsel and Patrick Youngs, VP Business Solutions as they recap and discuss some of the key trends happening with the contingent workforce and the gig economy.

In this webcast, we’ll discuss:

  1. Legislative activities such as California’s AB5, New York’s regulation of the gig economy and Virginia’s worker misclassification laws
  2. Major lawsuits and case law related to worker classification and why they matter
  3. Potential impacts of the elections on talent strategies and what it means for engaging with the independent workforce
  4. Workforce trends stemming from the pandemic, including working from home
  5. Co-employment, joint-employment and more….

We’ll cover the most relevant trends that will be of key interest to procurement, sourcing, workforce, talent and HR audiences. Let us help catch you up during this informative 1-hr session.

To watch the recorded webinar: