Rob Cruz and Patrick Youngs

NOTE: This webinar was recorded on November 12, 2020

Independent Contractor (IC) compliance legislation such as Dynamex and AB5 have reshaped California’s employment and worker misclassification rules and influenced similar laws across the country. Now Assembly Bill No. 2257 was signed into effect in late September which adds new exemptions and provisions, and modifies the ground-breaking law that started its journey 2 ½ years ago. Additionally, if Proposition 22 on the November ballot passes, it would establish drivers as an independent class of workers with wage and worker protections and access to some job benefits, which they’ve so far lacked under the gig economy model. Putting it all together, it’s fair to say that California has the toughest laws in the Union for worker misclassification. Now, will things become clearer for employers to engage independent workers, or is the water now murkier than ever before?

Join TalentWave’s IC compliance experts in our continuing webinar series, as we cover the next step in the tumultuous evolution of California’s complex labor laws. The precedent being set in the Golden State has nationwide ramifications and lawmakers, businesses and independent workers across the U.S. are paying close attention to the impacts of AB-2257. We are too, and we look forward to sharing our insights.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The legislative journey and employer impacts of AB-2257
  • The nuts and bolts of AB-2257
  • Pending election results, what Proposition 22 means to businesses and drivers
  • How the recent Department of Labor’s proposed rule aimed at IC classification may play a role at the Federal level
  • What companies can do to immediately comply with AB-2257 (and similar laws across the country), mitigate their risk and prepare for a clean 2021

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